And the Costa Maya KAL Grand Prize Winners Are . . .

Another Video KAL comes to an end and I’ll tell the truth, this one was special. Over 650 knitters joined in and the results have been truly amazing, Costa Maya was one of the most challenging things I’ve designed and wow, did these knitter’s rise to the challenge! Last month, I provided a sneek peek behind the design and now The KAL winners have been chosen and awarded!

If you are feeling inspired to try it, Costa Maya + pattern comes with over 4 hours of video tutorials, all the sweater modifications and knitting how tos for only will be $15.00!!

Through it all, the help and support of every knitter on the Ravelry group was always there. Over 2500 amazing knitters let every first time sweater knitter know . . . they were not alone!

Never too late to jump into any sweater class, as the videos (embedded in the pattern) never expire, and the message boards stay live forever.

Now it’s time to discuss

Costa Maya KAL Final PRIZES

There were FOUR grand prize winners announced.

There was one randomly drawn winner from each category

1) Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

and the winner is . . . .
    1. Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

Meet Ravelry user –Angels3d

She posted on her project page

Best Things I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

“Best Things I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL
I am absolutely loving my first KAL! I could go on for days about the pace of the KAL, all the bonus videos, the detailed pattern, the charts, the schematics, the discussion boards and how the community helps each other…
For the sake of brevity, the most important skill I’ve learned is how to “read” my knitting! I’m finding I’m a much better knitter when I can understand what I’m doing and see mistakes before they become permanent design elements. laughingI still have plenty of my own design elements, but I’ve also been encouraged to take my time and enjoy the project. It’s not about perfection or speed, it’s about enjoying my craft and learning something new everyday.

Here’s her PRIZE!!

2) Newbie Prize. My First KAL!

I’m always so honored that so many knitters join me for their first ever KAL, or even more amazing, their first sweater!

Meet Ravelry user Yarntailplus

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“My first knit along

Best things I have learned in Patty Lyon’s KAL

It is hard to pick, because I have learned so much. Plotting out on large schematic drawing where I am in my knitting, lace design, where the short rows start and end, it is a real visual. This was my first time doing German short rows. I loved all the tips and tricks Patty shared with us. The design on this sweater was very interesting with all the different directions the knitting went. I had never done a rolled hem before either. I enjoyed the class.

Thank you, Patty, I have finished my sweater! Glad I took this class because I don’t think I would have been able to knit this without your help. I challenged myself with this and feel very good about completing it. I like knit a long’s !

Here’s her PRIZE!!

3) Better Late Then Never – WIP Prize

WIPs happen to all of us. I know working on a sweater during summer vacation time was going to be tough, so I wanted to reward those that started . . . and hadn’t finished (yet)

Meet Ravelry user shannonlee

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“Patty’s unique gauge swatch technique was the first thing I learned in the KAL. I think I also finally figured out how to get gauge and size the stitch appropriately. I normally knit seamless sweaters, so I also learned how to block out the pieces to the schematic measurements and spray block (rather than doing a full wet block). I also learned how to block a short-rowed bust area – an important thing to know since most women are not flat in that area! I learned the importance of tracking details from back to front pieces, such as how many extra rows I knit straight in a particular section and/or total. I learned a new technique for weaving in ends. Since I’m not done yet (still on clue #4), I’m also hoping to get tips on seaming.”

I can’t wait to see your finished sweater. It will happen in no time!!

Here’s her PRIZE!!

4) Finished Sweater

And finally, the randomly chosen winner for finished sweater is…

Meet Ravelry user whtangel8

Isn’t it great!

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“This KAL was so good for me. I learned so many things. First of all, I did a gauge swatch and got gauge, that was huge in making sure I will get great fit. Second, I learned how to use a schematic to set up your knitting – what a time saver. Writing things out in a way that makes sense and is easy to follow. Then, I learned how to SSK and CDD in a totally new way (which I love and will be using from now on). Along the way I learned how to block your garment so it looks great. Finally, I learned how to put it all together, seaming the pieces. This has been a great learning experience with so much useful info from Patty. This is my first sweater KAL. I tried knitting a sweater on my own before and it is still in time out.

Here’s her prize . . .  a 3 day class package to Vogue Knitting Live!!

Some more FABULOUS Finished Sweaters!!!!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Join the group, and hang out with over 2500 of the coolest knitters around!

The fall sweater video class is going to be a ball! I have a color work cowl ready for you as well, of course, another spring / summer top!

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