A Fun One – Animals in Knits!

Well, summer’s begun, and with it comes a flurry of activity! Here in Brooklyn kids are running around the neighborhood at all hours, and everyone is heading to the park in droves. It makes me thankful to have a quiet garden to retreat to, when I get the chance.

Since I’m off to the next thing, I figured the blog could have a bit of fluffy fun (pun intended!). With that, please enjoy – adorable animals wearing knits!

“C’mon ladies, we’ve got to get a photo of everyone’s Finished KAL sweater!! Marlene, get in the photo, your hair is fine!”

“Alright, Brenda, you’ve got this. Fiddler on the Roof auditions, here I come!!”

“Where is that runner with the Olympic torch? He was supposed to be here an hour ago…”

“Ok girls, line up!” “Um, Steve, I don’t think this is what the Pink Floyd covers looked like…” “I’ve already told you, Karen, it’s an HOMAGE!!”

“Hi Mrs. Whiskers, can Billy come out and play?”

“MOOOOOMMMM! Sarah’s wearing my sweater AGAIN!”

“Crap, crap, CRAP! This thing must have shrunk in the wash!!”

“Well, I may not be the fastest crocheter, but I still finished my sweater!!”


Happy knitting everyone, see you soon!

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