Tuesday Tip – Working German Short Rows in the Round

Tuesday Tip copyThe love of German Short rows is strong in knitters!  Last year we worked with the wrap and turn method in both the Tortola and the Rising Spadesand for Costa Maya we uses German short-rows. In April we learned out to substitute German Short Rows for Wrap and Turn and when I would and wouldn’t substitute. 

Although the work beautifully in the round, there is one trick to closing the gap

German Short Rows in the Round

A couple of weeks ago a knitter posted a question in my Ravelry group about the problem of closing the gap when you finish short rows and continue in the round.

The problem is when you come at the double stitch (DS) created on the purl side, from the knit side, working the stitches together will not close the gap. The gap is on the other side of the DS.

The DS at the right of the photo is worked like all the others (knitting the two legs of the DS together) and as you can see it leaves a twisted stitch with a small hole to the left. The second DS is worked with this trick:

German Short rows in the round

Here are two DS worked on the purl side. (NOTE: For this photo tutorial, Since I have a flat piece, I have slid the work to the other side of the needle and brought the yarn around to the back to work the next row as a RS row, as if I had closed the last RS short rows and then continued to work in the round.)

German Short rows in the round

Working both legs of the WS DS together won’t look lovely on the RS


Instead Try this:

1) Work to one stitch before your DS and slip that stitch as if to knit

2) Knit the first leg of the DS through the back loop (you may have to wiggle the tip of the needle a bit to get in there)

3) Pass the slipped stitch over

4) Knit the second leg of the DS through the back loop


Ta Da . . . a big difference from the traditionally worked DS

German Short rows in the round

For more fun with w&t short-rows, check out one of my sweater classes:

Tortola   Rising Spades

Form more fun with German short-rows, check out Costa Maya


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  • Melanie June 6, 2018   Reply →

    You’re brilliant. Thank you!

  • Brenda McBride September 25, 2019   Reply →

    I have looked everywhere for these instructions. Thank you ever so much.

  • Amanda August 25, 2021   Reply →

    I still got holes, but I also knit my garment in the round and there are no instructions I could find for knitting German short rows in the round so I don’t know if that’s what caused my issues.

  • Rose Kearns September 11, 2021   Reply →

    I don’t have holes in mine but the GSR section in the round bubbles up… any tips on that?

  • Linnea Varner November 7, 2022   Reply →

    Would this result in an increase? It seems that I would be creating two stitches using this method?

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