Harbor Springs Has Begun!

Two weeks ago, clue #1  for the Harbor Springs Video KAL hit the in box of 350 knitters. We’ve only just begun and there are new knitters joining us everyday! We are now over 480 knitters strong!

We have given out two fabulous participation prizes so far (we pick a new winner every week!), there are three giant grand prize packages in November (and yes, one of them will be for a WIP!)

Knitters who join us before Nov 5 will still get 28 video tutorials (nearly 4 hours of filmed sweater instruction), all the sweater modifications and knitting how tos for just $10!

Harbor Springs Video KAL update

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After Nov 5 the the pattern + the sweater class (modification notes, how tos and 4 hours of video content), the cost will be $18.00.

With so many wonderful pictures coming in, I thought sharing some might inspire the knitters who have just joined us, and the knitter’s who are thinking about joining.

Here’s a few shots of the sweater backs.

My favorite thing is reading all the knitter’s comments and excitement when they get it!! This Ravelry group has the kindest, funniest, most supportive knitters in the world!

I was having a rough week and there had been a few adorable pictures of people’s sweater’s with their pets. I asked for more animal pics to cheer me up, and did this group deliver!!

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