The Harbor Springs Winners are . . .

Another Video KAL comes to an end and as always, I was amazed by the talented knitters! Over 525 knitters joined in and the results have been truly amazing. Harbor Springs was a result of requests for a looser fitting raglan pullover. I wrote about understanding ease, and checked in on how things were going after Clue #1, and now The KAL winners have been chosen and awarded!

If you are feeling inspired to try it, Harbor Springs + pattern comes with over 4 hours of video tutorials, all the sweater modifications and knitting how tos for only will be $15.00!!

Through it all, the help and support of every knitter on the Ravelry group was always there. Over 2900 amazing knitters let every first time sweater knitter know . . . they were not alone!

Never too late to jump into any sweater class, as the videos (embedded in the pattern) never expire, and the message boards stay live forever.

Now it’s time to discuss

Harbor Springs KAL Final PRIZES

There were three grand prize winners announced.

There was one randomly drawn winner from each category

1) Better Late Then Never – WIP Prize

WIPs happen to all of us, but it’s about the journey not the destination, so I wanted to reward those that started . . . and hadn’t finished (yet)

Meet Ravelry user KnitKriket

She said:

“I can’t believe I was drawn for a prize! Thank you thank you thank you! If I had been able to pick from the prizes, I got the one that speaks to me most.

To our sponsors: I am deeply grateful for the the hard work it takes to make a fiber business go, and donating to groups like Patty’s knit along is very much appreciated. I love the generosity of this group of people. Thank you so much for the gifts and for the truly beautiful inspiration.”

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience on her project page:

“I purchased Patty’s “Improve Your Knitting” class. I would say learning to knit to gauge and use my needles to size my stitches has been by far the best thing I learned in this KAL! If it hadn’t been for the other people struggling like me and Patty’s patient guidance, I wouldn’t have even know that it was a problem to be a “loose knitter”. I’m thrilled to be able to get gauge if I want to now.”

I can’t wait to see your finished sweater. It will happen in no time!!

Here’s her PRIZE!!

2) Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

and the winner is . . . .
    1. Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

Meet Ravelry user –317kori

She posted on her project page

Best Things I Learned in Patty Lyons KAL

Eleven Newly Learned Stitches & Techniques

Being new to the knitting world of less than 7 months upon starting Harbor Spring KAL, my main purpose was to learn and gain more experience. The basics of cast on, knit, purl and bind off I thought I had mastered. However, my inexperience was apparent. “Leaving space between cast on stitches”, I had never read or watched on YouTube. For the very first time I made gauge with the needle suggested using this simple method. Furthermore, just out of curiosity I used the “leaving space cast on” with yarn and needles I couldn’t make gauge before and to my amazement…..I made gauge!! My knitting was always too tight and with “leaving space” it’s just right. Gauge, gauge, gauge 
Next acquired knowledge, was “Cast on in pattern”. What magic and a brain teaser! 
“Map out pattern planning” I have never ever seen and interesting. 
This was the first time I had used a natural fiber, so I was totally in the dark that it was possible to “join a new skein of yarn” by spit & friction! Ewe!! Haha 
SSP, CDD and YO all new to me. With the YO, well let me just say mine are not perfectly sized. YO were my most difficult battle. 
“SSK in one move” a skill mastered and brilliant. I will continue to do SSK in one move. 
With my new knitting toys (blocking mat & Knit Blockers) my first natural fiber blocking happened. 
Learning the “Mattress Stitch” was amazing how the seam disappears. 
And finally the last I have learned from doing Harbor Spring KAL was learning how to get around the Ravelry site and I enjoyed reading the posts from others.” 

Here’s her PRIZE!!


4) Finished Sweater

And finally, the randomly chosen winner for finished sweater is…

Meet Ravelry user  redridinghood3

She said:

“Thank you so much! I feel like I won the lottery!! So many wonderful items from vendors I’ve used, heard of and wanted to try, and new names. It’s like an early Christmas. I just can’t say thank you enough..blush

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“Each sweater I make with Patty is a win for me. I grow as a knitter with each project. If I had to choose one thing I learned in this project it would be how to cast on in pattern. I have a library of cast on and bind offs but CO in pattern isn’t even mentioned! 
I’m also learning more and more that what looks complicated is usually completed by just following the step by step instructions. It’s when I “assume” the rest of the sentence that I get it all wrong and have to “tink” to fix it. 
Thank you Patty for all your time in designing, video teaching, and answering all our questions even when we just don’t get it. I don’t post much but I read EVERY post and try to learn from situations I may not even be in myself. 
Happy Knitting!!!!”

Here’s her PRIZE!!

Some more FABULOUS Finished Sweaters!!!!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Join the group, and hang out with over 2900 of the coolest knitters around!

Stay tuned, next month I will have a color work cowl ready for you, and of course, another spring / summer top!

Don’t miss out on the fun. All newsletter subscribers will get a coupon for the colorwork cowl KAL.

Dec on-sale date (with a cast on in January)


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