Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Knitters

As knitters, we often gift our own knitting masterpieces, but what do you gift to a fellow knitter? We are in the mist of the holiday season, and it’s time to think about what gifts we will be giving to our friends and family members who love to knit (and what gifts we will be secretly hoping we get!) Here are 10 phenomenal suggestions for loved ones that are passionate about knitting.

1. Wireless Headphones

Knitters love to listen to podcasts and audio books while we knit, but sometimes, somebody else in the room might want to listen to something else. Headphones to the rescue! Wireless headphones are perfect, because you do not have to worry about your favorite yarn becoming tangled up with your headphone cords.


2. Sheep Swag!

Not gonna lie, I have a thing for sheep! For all diehard knitters who feel knitting is a sixth sense, why not buy an item that can allow their passion to be present in other realms of their lives?  Knitting-themed gifts are great to give to a knitter, newbie or pro. For example, I love Jennie the Potter’s “Classic Sheepy” mug. The sheep with a ball of yarn is so adorable.


3. Jetson Sweater Kit

The Jetson pattern is a project that any knitter would love to tackle. I recently announced this kit, which is a stockinette sweater with fully fashioned shaping, generous ease at the hips, a split hem, longer in the back and fun contrasting color welts and an i-cord bind-off. But what really makes it special is the yarn from Anzula! Treat yourself to a bit of luxury this year. If you’re looking for a truly spectacular gift, this project will be perfect. Kit will go on sale in early Dec!


4. Knitting Lessons

The world of knitting is consistently evolving, and it is always great to receive guidance and insight. Taking a class is a wonderful chance to allow one’s knitting skills to flourish, and more often than not, you learn something completely unexpected. Check the info at your knitter’s LYS, or check my classes page for one of the many ways they can take one of my classes! They come in-personstreaming or on DVD, and you can even book a private lesson via the web or in NYC.


5. Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book

This book has a special place in the hearts of many knitters, and has been recently the revised and updated. Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book is  a gem.  This can easily become a great staple for a knitter new or seasoned, and would serve as inspiration as well. Not to mention, it is a great coffee table book.


6. Stitch Markers

I love Cocoknits’ fun and colorful stitch markers. These markers are simplistic, yet so essential. Stitch counters are heaven sent, and can help you nail any complicated stitch. Awesome gift for multitaskers, like myself. These coiless safety pins can also grab a dropped stitch or even pin pieces together for seaming!


7. Project Bags by Erin Lane Bags

I can’t stand having to search for things, so I have a habit of having a small project bag for each pattern I am working on. I absolutely love the fabrics and designs of Erin Lane Bags. This thoughtfully engineered bag is the only self-locking project bag on the market. Also, this bag is fully lined to ensure that your knitting needles and knitting projects remain undamaged and untangled.


8. The Slouch Solution

As knitters, we often experience many posture issues, and this pleasure doesn’t necessarily have to result in pain. I recently completed this 4 week posture program by Verticalign, titled The Slouch SolutionI found this course to be really helpful, and I can knit for hours pain free!!


9. Indian Lakes Fiber Arts Yarn Bowl

The is such a adorable and convenient gift, extremely lightweight and beautifully designed. Indian Lakes Fiber Arts Yarn Bowl comes in a cute unique hexagon shape, and is handcrafted with cherry and walnut hardwood, with a beeswax finish. This is so gorgeous, and a perfect gift for any knitter.


10.Personalized Engraved Knitting Needles

There is nothing like receiving a personalized gift, especially a pair of engraved knitting needles. Etsy will laser engrave your choice of wording and font on a pair of bamboo knitting needles. This gift is perfect for the knitter that has everything.


I hope you enjoyed these gift suggestions, just as much as I have enjoyed sharing them. Remember, showing your knitter that you support their passion is greater than the gift itself, and is guaranteed to brighten up their holiday season.

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