5 Celebrities That Knit

As many of you might know, in my former life, I was a stage manager. Back in my theater days, I worked with all types of talent that were knitters to the core. Since in theater, there’s a lot of “hurry up and wait”, having your knitting with you in rehearsal or even backstage can be a sanity saver. So it’s no surprise to me that a lot of our Hollywood favorites are a part of our club, especially since knitting in itself, is another form of creative expression. To celebrate our love of crafting, creativity, and community, let’s take a look at 5 celebrities that knit.

Sarah Jessica Parker

This one probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to knitters, but yep, this “Sex and the City” star has often been seen knitting on set. In a Good Housekeeping article, Sarah was asked how she relaxes. Her response was, “I read, watch TV, or knit. But I try to knit and watch TV at the same time, which means I end up with many dropped stitches”. I think we’ve all made this mistake once, or twice (or more), am I right?

Demi Lovato

Let’s not forget that millennials are increasingly interested in knitting and crafting in general, and singer Demi Lovato is one of them. They love to knit as a way to unwind. In 2017 Demi posted this photo of them knitting on an airplane on Instagram. “I’ve made it a point recently to start knitting, and so instead of reaching for my phone, I’ll actually knit,” said Lovato to Thrive Global. I love that idea! We could all use a break from our smartphones.


Amanda Seyfried

This “Mean Girls” and “Mamma Mia” starlet is religious about knitting. She says that she sees it as a form of therapy, even does it while working out on the elliptical. Now that’s a diehard knitter. She also is a big knit gift giver. When Amanda first met talk show host Ellen, she knitted her a hat. Take a look at Ellen’s reaction to receiving the knit, you may be surprised who caught the knitting bug.


Ryan Gosling

“Hey girl,” we can’t have a list about celebrity knitting without our favorite knitting meme beau, Ryan Gosling. “I did this scene in ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ where I was in a room full of old ladies who were knitting, and it was an all-day scene, so they showed me how. It was one of the most relaxing days of my life,” Ryan told GQ Australia. Let’s be honest, any time you knit it instantly becomes one of the most relaxing days, right? Now, we don’t know for sure if he kept up the knitting, but I’m keeping him on the list!

Christina Hendricks

Similar to Sarah Jessica Parker, this “Mad Men” star would unwind between sets with her needles and yarn. Ever since learning how to knit, she says that she’s loved it, and has a hard time putting it down. Like the rest of us, she enjoys the soothing benefits of knitting and can even knit and hold a conversation without having to stare at her needles. Watch her conduct this interview and knit at the same time!


I love the community that knitting forms. From the cruises to Rhinebeck, Stitches shows, Vogue Knitting, and more, it fills my heart with joy to be around my fellow crafters.

Knitting is always fun when you do it with others, and that’s why I love Knit-Alongs. It’s probably why you do too! You get to knit in a place where you feel comfortable, while also staying connected to others who will gladly help you out and answer questions you have along the way. Now, if you’re interested in joining along in the fun, I suggest you take a gander at my first Knit-Along of the year: the Labadee Cowl KAL. If you love slip stitch and intriguing patterns, I think you’ll enjoy it!

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