Gauge Round Up

Tuesday Tip copyI have written about gauge many times. I think about gauge, I teach gauge, I believe in gauge.

Right now nearly 900 knitters are knitting up the Labadee Cowl and have found out how a tiny difference in a gauge swatch can domino into a cowl that’s way too big. Good news is I updated the pattern for THREE different gauges so if you don’t match the pattern gauge you can cast on few stitches and even eliminate a repeat here and there and get your dream cowl!

Next week hundreds of knitters will start swatching for the Roselle Tee Video KAL, so I thought this was a great time for a round up of . . .

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gauge But Were Afraid to Ask!

Since I’ve written on my blog, on Twist Collective and on Mason Dixon Knitting, I thought I’d put them all in one place, so here ya go!


Modern Daily Knitting

Twist Collective

In addition to all that info, if you are in my Ravelry group, you’ll find lots of other tips on gauge in my KAL FAQ page.

To learn to make an excellent fabric and REALLY use your needle to size your stitch, take “Improve Your Knitting“.

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