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Another video KAL comes to an end (but this time I’m not sooo sad because the Hudson Valley Cardi will go on sale June 10)!! I can’t believe more than 1500 people joined in on the fun of knitting this tee. Some knit it now, while others will cast on later!

Through it all, the help and support of every knitter on the Ravelry group was always there. Nearly 5000 amazing knitters helped each other and cheered each other on through every step of the way.

Haven’t joined us yet? If you are feeling inspired to try it, Roselle Tee Video Sweater pattern comes with hours of video tutorials, all the gauge option and knitting how-tos for only will be $16.00!! It’s never too late to jump into any video class, as the videos (embedded in the pattern) never expire, and the message boards stay live forever.

Now it’s time to discuss…

Announcing 4 Grand Prize Winners for this Knit-Along

This time around, we had four grand prize winners including a brand new category for Instagram (Come on over and follow the fun at @pattyjlyons!). There was one randomly drawn winner from each category.

1) Finished Tee: Ravelry user AnjelButterfly

I randomly drew one person whose tee is finished, and AnjelButterfly won! She responded, “Omg-Thank you so much! This is so kind of you. It really made my day. Please, please convey my sincerest thanks to all your generous sponsors as well. I will truly remember this experience always as being a ray of light during a very scary, difficult time.”

And here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“Just wanted to say that I loved this project. I fell in love with the sweater when you first posted it. I signed up before getting critically ill, so I got a late start because I was hospitalized with heart and Lung complications due to lupus. I have been basically homebound ever since then and have been grateful for this project keeping my mind off my illness. I have not been my best knitting self, so I definitely made some errors on the lace, neck and one or two areas, but I’m adding some crochet roses to the neck to hide them and this will forever be my lupus warrior sweater. Thanks, Patty. Videos were great and very helpful! heartsyarn I’ll definitely sign up for more Kals when I’m better!.

Here’s her PRIZE!!

Roselle Grand Prize 1

2) Better Late Then Never – WIP Prize: Ravelry user sunlitpages

WIPs (that’s works-in-progress) happen to all of us, but it’s about the journey not the destination, so I wanted to reward
those that started…but haven’t finished (yet).

She responded, “I am shocked! SHOCKED! that I won the wip prize! What a thrill! This KAL has been a delight. I can’t wait to actually finish my Roselle! Thank you so much, Patty!

To CocoKnits: All of your products are so thoughtful and beautiful, and I am excited to try out the project portfolio! Thank you!

To DellaQ: I am always in need of another project bag, and this one looks different than any of my other ones. I can’t wait to put a project in it! And it’s so cute! Thank you!

To Knit Companion: I have spent this whole KAL hearing about how great Knit Companion is, so I am thrilled that I will finally get to try it out for myself. What a generous gift. Thank you!

To Nirvana: I am thrilled to receive a pair of your gorgeous scissors. They will be put to good use! Thank you so much!

To Dutch Label Company: Your labels will be sure to bring my garments to a new level of sophistication and polish. Thank you so much!”

And here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“The best thing I have learned is how to calculate MY row and stitch gauge and then how to use that in the pattern to achieve a garment that actually fits me that way I want it too. I have never loved math, but I forced myself to do it just as Patty taught and then I made the necessary adjustments. Plus I wanted to raise the neckline which required more math, not only because of the added height but also because my row gauge was different from Patty’s. I felt so proud of myself when I had figured out all of the necessary information and then SO surprised and pleased when my first side turned out exactly as I had planned. Who knew?!.”

I can’t wait to see your finished tee. It will happen in no time!!

Here’s her PRIZE!!

Roselle Prize #2

3) “The Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons’ KAL”: Ravelry user VivienneNVS

Roselle Winner Best Lesson

I asked participants to share the best thing they learned during through this process. Vivienne wrote on her project page:

“Mapping! Everything you need, on one sheet of paper. And, you get a chance to learn what you will be doing with all the shaping, etc. I will certainly be mapping out my CustomFit schematics from now on.

Also: Patty is a saint. An irreverent saint, but a saint. Who but a saint would take on guiding hundreds of people in making their perfectly fitted sweater? While teaching lots of new skills? Definitely not an easy job. My hat’s off to you, Patty!” 

Aw, it’s my pleasure!


Here’s her PRIZE!!

Roselle Grand Prize 4

4) Instagram Prize

And finally, the randomly chosen winner for the Instagram prize is Instagram user hopeinastitch60

(Ravelry name Hopeinastitch).

Roselle Instagram winner

She said:

“I can’t believe i won oh I’m so excited!!! You would not believe the trouble i went through…2 full days of sewing because of my nerve pain n 2 frustrating days to try n take pictures. I finally got pics on last day n thought no way i will win. Patty I’m busting at the seems. Thank you so very much n thanks to all the vendors. Wow i looked at prize for Instagram n there so many I’ll have to give proper thanks when i can wrap my head around it all.”

Here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience on Instagram:

“I finished my Roselle Tee KAL with Patty Lyons n finally got some pictures. KAL was alot of fun n i learned alot. Thank you Patty for a great pattern.
@pattyjlyons #rosellekal #instaroselle

Here’s her PRIZE!!

Roselle Grand Prize 3

Some more FABULOUS Finished Tees!!!!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Join the group, and hang out with over 4,900 of the coolest knitters around!

Stay tuned, the summer KAL, Hudson Valley Cardi goes on sale in June. Hope you can join me.

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