5 Best Lessons Learned from the Roselle Tee KAL

Wow, it has been so amazing to see all of the progress on our eighth KAL (knit-along), the Roselle Tee! I am so excited to see all these finished Roselle Tees being posted across Ravelry and social media, and I am even more thrilled to see you all have learned so much!

For those who have already started (or just joining the fun) and need a little inspiration to get it finished, our Ravelry Group has some stellar finished projects. Scrolling through these gorgeous Roselle Tees will definitely jump start your knitting engines!

One of the best parts about being a teacher is finding out what kinds of takeaways YOU the knitters take away from the experience. I love that these are lessons that you’ll take forward in the rest of your knitting lives.

What are some of the best lessons or skills people learned in the Roselle Tee KAL? Five of our KALers shared they learned.


Learning to knit with confidence

“After eight KALs with Patty, it is extremely hard not to write a book with all that I have learned about knitting a sweater and being able to modify the pattern to my preferences for a fit I like. I have learned to knit with confidence with my growing abilities in all the various techniques presented in the Class/KALs.”

— Cat4044




How to use the schematic to sketch

“The most helpful thing I learned while making this sweater was how to use the schematic to sketch out your pattern. It makes so much sense!

I also learned (finally) how to remember the difference between ssk and k2tog. Learning how to decrease while staying in my lace pattern was empowering.

I am looking forward to her next KAL. They are the best teaching tools out there.”

— MakingLifeCount





Setting in sleeves

“Best lesson learned was setting in the sleeve. I’ve set in a lot of sleeves but the video lesson was fantastic, I learned not to mattress stitch the side seams first. And using a tailors ham made it so much easier!

A fun knit, and a great learning experience. The finished top is really cute and fits perfectly.”

— Siminsue







Seaming up the shoulders and sleeves

“Oh my ! Now my best lesson learned is seaming up the shoulders and sleeves for a seamless effect! I also have loved the ssk trick and the sloped bind off. I’ll use them a lot.”

— Vrsch







Blocking to shape

“One of the most significant things for me was a new idea for blocking. I loved pinning the shape out—via the measurements on the schematic— before placing my sweater pieces down to be blocked. Extra fun that the pieces fit so beautifully within the pinned shapes. 🙂 This was a whole new thought for me…one I plan to incorporate moving forward. This was also my first time with spray blocking. What a treat! (As in, no manipulating wet pieces into shape.) Thank you, Patty.” — PatchedWithLove







There is still time to join the Roselle Tee Video Sweater Class

Pssst…did you know? The Roselle Tee Video Sweater Class is a party you can never be late to! You can join at any time. Videos never go away. If you’ve participated in this KAL, I would so LOVE to hear from you. Be sure to share with what you learned along the way. Looking forward to seeing more finished project. Can’t wait!

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