5 of the Best Drinks to Sip While Knitting—yarn + drinks

What do you usually do while knitting? In winter, I like to prepare some drinks with me to set up my mood while knitting. A perfect drink calms my mind and can even be my yarn color inspirations!

These five drinks below are my favorites when I knit—

Mulled Red Wine + Burgundy

I love to mix Hetta red wine with a bit of orange juice as the foundation, then I add star anise and a stick of cinnamon to decorate and spice up the drink. This beautiful mulled red wine would be the perfect match to burgundy-tone yarn. Check Tahki Stacy Charles’ Alden 05 Cherry; the red is really good.

Tahki Stacy Charles – Alden 05 Cherry

Rowan – Cashmere Tweed Andorra Red

Rowan – Selects Fine Silk Dark Red

LolaBean – Orange Peel

LolaBean – Tangerine

Anzula – Lucero Dany

Hot Apple Cider + Gold

The process of warming hot apple cider before I start a knitting project always relaxes me. Put your cider in a pan over medium heat until it is hot but not boiling, then pour it in a cute mug. Simple but tasty. And the gold flecked drink makes me think of gold-tone yarns such as LolaBean’s orange Peel and Tangerine and Anzula’s sparkly yarn Lucero. They are good choices to add shine to your projects.

Spiced Chai Latte + Cream

When weather is getting cold and I’m out and about in the city (where I knit on the go), I sometimes order a spiced chai latte to take with me. It tastes creamy and has a rich flavor. And if you love cream for your projects, Rowan has some good options for you, such as Caramel, Champagne and Cream.

Rowan – Cosy Merino Caramel

Rowan – Alpaca Classic Champagne

Rowan – Selects Cashmere Cream

Rowan – Alden Chocolate

Tahki Stacy Charles – Dakota Chestnut

Tahki Stacy Charles – Dakota Pinecone

Hot Chocolate + Dark Brown

One of my favorites since childhood has been hot chocolate! It’s hard to refuse a rich hot chocolate in cold season, isn’t it? Another thing I can’t say no to is a chocolate-tone knitwear in the winter. The color goes well with my other clothes. If browns are also a favorite palette, you might be interested in Alden in Chocolate from Rowan and Dakota in Chestnut or Pinecone from Tahki Stacy Charles!

Herbal Tea + Olive Green

I like to keep a few choices of herbal tea at home, and select my flavor, based on my mood. I especially enjoy sipping the brews without caffeine to accompany my knitting time in the evenings. If you love the greens of herbal tea, take a look at the options from our friends at North Light Fibers. They have a handful of colorful choices. For olive green, you can look into Santolina, Bull Kelp and Spring Green.

North Light Fibers – Water Street Santolina

North Light Fibers – Spring Street Bull Kelp

North Light Fibers -Forever Lace Sprint Green

It’s time for you to share! Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite drink while knitting!

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