7 Gift Ideas for Knitters This Holiday Season

Need holiday gift ideas for knitters who seems to already have everything? No worries, there are always more cute knitting accessories and tools out there. And as a knitter, I can never have enough yarn and tools! So, guess what? This list can also be a great gift inspiration to treat yourself!

Here are seven great gift ideas for knitters this holiday season —

Knitting tool with multiple functions

Looking for unique craft tools for knitters? Check out Cocoknits and their colorful magnetic bracelets with a minimalist aesthetic! It’s hard to imagine this small tool can include so many functions. The Maker’s Keep is a magnetic bracelet that keeps your little knitting notions together. And when you flip to the underside, it serves as a measuring tool for both metric and imperial systems. In addition, it can also be used as a bookmarker or even a temporary hairpin! 

Unique jewelry for knitters

I’m proud to be a knitter and it’s great to have jewelry with knitting designs that hint at our passion. The Knitting Needle Gauge Ring from Malojos’ is a knitting gauge that checks US needle sizes 0-8. It has an elegant, fashionable design that can pair nicely with your daily style. Each ring is made to order and you can select the size and the material on their website for your loved ones or yourself. 

Functional products with a knitting pattern

Creative with Clay has some cute and functional products with knitting patterns that avid knitters will love. Their Paisley Tear Drop Dish can be used as organizers for your little knitting knick-knacks, or used as a soap dish, a place to rest your keys, etc. You should check out their website because they also have other yarncraft items that you’ll probably take a liking to.

Holiday-edition products

If you are looking for holiday-edition products, go visit Brooklyn Haberdashery’s website. They have launched a series of holiday edition products for knitters such as the sparkly tweed pin cushion set. Each pincushion comes with three limited-edition metallic pins and a leather cord, so you can also use it as a necklace. These Cypress Pin Cushions are handy and distinguished by their natural texture, abundance of color, and wonderful feel.

More knitting books

And don’t forget to check out new knitting books! Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool by Clara Parkes will definitely be a fun book for knitters. Travel the country with Clara Parkes as she meets a flock of Saxon Merino sheep in upstate New York, tours a scouring plant in Texas, and learns how wool fleece is measured, baled, shipped, and turned into skeins.

Gift card from their favorite local yarn store

If you think someone already has everything you could think of, it’s probably better to let them decide what they want. A gift card from their favorite local yarn store will guarantee that they can get something they truly like. If you are in New York City, Knitty City is a great local yarn shop with a friendly community and classes in Upper West Side. They provide a flexible amount of values to put into the gift card and it will be delivered in a lovely notecard. You can include your own handwritten, personalized message to make this thoughtful gift even warmer. If you’re not in NYC, stop by your local yarn store and ask about gift cards.

New pattern + online knitting class

Last but not least! For knitters who want to get extra support but still want to have a flexible schedule, online knitting classes can let them learn on their own time! Whether the person you want to share your love with is new to knitting or already an experienced knitter, my Volition KAL online sweater video class will be a good fit for them.

The class provides a pattern with a nearly seamless top-down construction, three different stitch patterns, and the option to knit either a cardigan or pullover. There are so many sweater design options! Also, there’s plenty of support available from myself and others in our Ravelry group, which makes the process even more fun. It’s so powerful when a group of knitters work together on the same pattern! 

You can use our Ravelry’s function and sent the Volition online video sweater class as a gift. Click HERE and find it on the top right side of the page.

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Did you fall in love with any of the items I recommended? Hopefully, the answer is YES! Now, it’s time to share your list! What has been your best knitting-related holiday gift, and do you have a dream product you’d like to suggest? Share in the comments and let’s chat!

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