7 Last Minute Gift Items to Knit

Have you got your gifts ready for the holiday season? As a knitter, I enjoy sending my love by knitting gifts for my loved ones. It’s cozy and meaningful, and I also feel like I’m knitting my appreciation and good wishes with every stitch.

I know that this time of year, a lot of knitters end up in the following situation: you think you’ve given yourself enough time to prepare, but when it comes down to it — you realize you’re running out of time! I know the feeling. To help you along, I’ve put together some quick knit projects that you’ve still got enough time to make. 

Here are 7 quick knits that I recommend —


If you’re a beginner or don’t have an ample amount of time, you’ll probably want to start with hats, mittens, or socks.

01 Grape Leaf Hat & Mittens

A fun and fast knit, this grape leaf lace pattern works up into a sturdy fabric that will keep heads and hands warm in the winter months!

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02 Hudson Valley Hat & Mittens

A perfect hat/mittens pattern with cables and lace in squishy, soft wool makes the perfect fall mittens. It can brighten up the outfit in cold weather.
The hat and mittens shaping are built right into the cables, so no need to count, just work the charts and get the hat and mittens of your dreams!

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 03 Walkabout Socks

Looking for something low key but not boring? You should consider this simple sock pattern by Kate Gilbert. It’s a quick knit and great for beginners! Just don’t give up after the first sock.

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Everyone can use shawls and cowls to keep warm in winter! These are easy, as they don’t require specific measurements. 

04 Rhinebeck Cowl

The Rhinebeck Cowl makes great gifts and can be worked up in a few hours! It’s a pattern you can have a lot of fun in it. You can make a bunch of different versions out of it base on the gift receivers’ tastes and preference.

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05 Bacchus Cowl

A fun drop stitch cowl. Made with the stunning Black Bunny Fibers. You can choose two different colors of Devon yarn and get four cowls!

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06 YoYo Cape

Check out this super easy (but lovely) capelet by Brooke Nico. Just one skein of lace weight yarn is all it takes to create this charming wrap, using basic garter stitch and yarnovers.

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07 Mojito Shawlette

Want to add some fun for your knit gifts? This shawl by Carol J. Sulcoski inspired by lime + rum + mint — the Mojito! And the easy and fun slip-stitch pattern lets you put the stripes right where you want them.

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Good luck with your knitting projects. I hope your loved ones will feel the warmth from the meaningful gifts!

P.S: Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know your choice or if you have any other quick knit ideas to share.

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