Volition Grand Prize Winners!

Another video KAL comes to an end (don’t worry the Spring KAL will go on sale soon enough)!! Over 900 people joined in on the fun of taking on this build your own sweater adventure. There were cardis and pullovers, sweaters with different sleeve lengths, neck depth, hem treatments, even pockets!

Some knit it now, while others will cast on later! That’s the joy of grabbing the new video sweater class during the KAL period. You get it on sale AND the videos stay live forever.

Through it all, the help and support of every knitter on the Ravelry group was always there. Over 5600 amazing knitters helped each other and cheered each other on through every step of the way.

Haven’t joined us yet? If you are feeling inspired to try it, Volition Video Sweater Class pattern comes with hours of video tutorials, all the gauge option and knitting how-tos 3 different stitch patterns, pattern for cardi or pullover, all for only will be $28.00!! It’s never too late to jump into any video class, as the videos (embedded in the pattern) never expire, and the message boards stay live forever.

Now it’s time to discuss…

Volition KAL Grand Prize Winners!!

This time around, we had five grand prize winners!!

There was one randomly drawn winner from each category.

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1) Finished Cardi: Ravelry user lhong04

I randomly drew one person whose cardi was finished, and Linda won!

She responded, “OMG! Many thanks to your sponsors for the wonderful prizes and thanks to everyone for a super fun KAL! I can’t wait to choose my classes for Vogue Knitting Live! Congratulations to the other winners! I am doing a happy dance early in the morning. Thank you Patty!.”

And here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“BEST LESSONS LEARNED: This has been the most fun I have had knitting. Most of the fun has been enjoying seeing all different yarn colors and everyone’s modifications and progress. I finished 2 sweaters in just over 2 months! The construction for these sweaters was challenging, but with Patty’s instructions and guidance in the videos, it was really easier than I expected. The best lesson I learned from this KAL was not to be afraid to make modifications to a pattern. I will definitely use everything I learned in this KAL and the tools provided to help me tackle future projects. I can’t thank Patty enough for her excellent teaching!

2) Finished Pullover: Ravelry user

She responded, “Holy smokes, I am gobsmacked! Thank you so much for the amazing bundle, Patty! And congrats to the other winners!”

And here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“Trust the math! I loved being able to use my st and row gauge to make adjustments to the pattern. Being a 2-year-old knitter, I haven’t had the confidence yet to tinker with knitting patterns as written. But thanks to this KAL, I learned the math well enough to change the neck depth and sleeve length & taper. In the future, I know I will return to Patty’s tutorials to help me with other shaping elements, like waist shaping.

Also, I really enjoyed just learning how a KAL works! It’s been a real treat to learn alongside other knitters and to learn great tips from them. Did my first spit splice, learned an awesome way to soften my hands, and discovered that it’s ok to block a project before it’s done! Thank you fellow knitters for teaching me!”

3) “The Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons’ KAL”: Ravelry user Snoopy25

I asked participants to share the best thing they learned during through this process. Susan wrote on her project page:

“The biggest take away is the concept of understanding the WHY: sizing your stitch, the unique swatch cast-on technique, one move SSK, shadow wrap, twisting the edge stitch in swatching-in-the-round, and even the bit about using the tail yarn for a stitch when starting a new working yarn, to name just a few. The WHY makes me understand my knitting better which in turn makes me remember the HOW more. And did I mention the Mapping?! I have attempted to do this with my WIPs but this KAL just gave me the tools to execute it clearly. This KAL empowered me to seize the process of sweater knitting to have an FO I will love to wear and confidently apply the lessons to the next WIP I am making. Thanks Patty! You elevated the method of teaching knitting to a higher standard!”

Aw, it’s my pleasure!


4)Instagram Prize: Ravelry user twinsetellen

Some knitter’s also share their pics on Instagram. They shared their photos using the #VolitionKAL. Enjoy the feed of Instagram user Twinsetellen.

She responded, “I am beyond thrilled. Not just to win a prize, but to win the exact prize I would have chosen if I had been able to!

The KAL was such a learning experience, on so many levels. I can’t believe the amount of work you put into it, Patty, and I loved the camaraderie in the discussion threads. I will think of everyone every time I wear my great, new sweater, which will be lots!

Thank you so much for everything, Patty and everyone!”

“Best Lesson Learned: This was my first Dolman-sleeved sweater! It took me awhile to get my mind around what looked like a very shallow arm scye, but when I understood that the armhole really happens several inches inside the outer edge of the sweater and the opening I was measuring was the diameter around the arm, not the arm scye, it started to click. It leaves me excited to look into other Dolman designs.”


5) Better Late Then Never – WIP Prize: Ravelry user idpicklethat

She responded, “Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!!! What a lovely surprise!”

“I learned a lot through this project, but I’ll say the best thing I learned was the Judy’s magic cast on as a provisional cast on. It was so fun to practice, and it made for such an interesting start to the sweater. I hope I get to do this again in other patterns!.”

Can’t wait to see your finished sweater! You’ll be done in no time


A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Join the group, and hang out with over 5600 of the coolest knitters around!

Stay tuned, the Spring KAL. Another new construction with a lot of fun tricks up my sleeve!! Hope you can join me.

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