5 Small Yarn Producers You Should Support and Keep on Your List

As you know, the cancelations of knitting events has hit teachers and event organizers hard, but it has also impacted vendors and our local yarn stores. Supporting local and small businesses is one of the great ways to send out our love and help our craft community during this crisis.

I’m extremely thankful that I get to work with a lot of amazing vendors, and they really do a great job ensuring that we can get the supplies we need for our projects. So, please allow me to introduce these amazing folks who are doing their best to provide us with beautiful yarn even during this challenging time.

Here are 5 great yarn producers that I’d like to introduce you to!

01 Anzula

The amazing Anzula team carries 25 lines of yarn and has over 140 colorways to choose from. The company is located in Downtown Fresno, California.

All their yarn is 100% made in America and are hand-dyed to order from the most luxurious fibers in the world like cashmere, camel, tussah silk, linen, merino, targhee, tencel, alpaca, yak, and milk protein. Shop Now »

02 Northlight Fibers

The handcrafted artisanal yarns of Northlight Fibers are minimally processed and made 100% on Block Island, Rhode Island. Their timeless and simple design in color and texture is dedicated to providing you with comfort and wearless texture. Those high-quality yarns with classic design principles of clean line makes it easier to fit into your knitting projects. Shop Now »

03 Starcroft Fiber

Starcroft Fiber is owned by a small family who processes the wool from Nash Island, Maine into handcrafted yarns and felting fibers. The colors of the yarn are inspired by Downeast Maine’s natural coastal scenery. With subtle light and dark variations of a single hue in each skein, the yarn will create a beautiful shading in your knitting project. Shop Now »

04 Morehouse Farm

Morehouse Farm was founded in 1983, located in the Hudson River Valley in New York State. Their goal is to grow the finest wool in the country and to re-introduce Merino sheep to New England. The wool produced is natural, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. This high-quality wool will add great character to your knitting project! Shop Now »

05 Kim Dyes Yarn

All of the yarns and spinning fibers from Kim Dyes Yarn are dyed by hand with love and care. You will find tons of gorgeous colors and texture options on their website.

To better support small businesses, they recently released the Kim Dyes Yarn Community Matters program to help out local yarn stores during this difficult time. Each month, they will provide exclusive colorways which are only available for pre-order through participating local yarn stores. Check the list to see if your LYS is participating! Shop Now »



I am so proud that we have a powerful knitting community in which every one of you is trying your best to do the right thing. If you can, help the companies you love by supporting their online business and showing your love on their social media. Together we will be stronger.

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and knit on.



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  • Dana Cooper May 23, 2020   Reply →

    How about this business. All your choices are from the East or west coast.


  • Dana Wedel May 24, 2020   Reply →

    I love A Verb for Keeping Warm, a local yarn store with wonderful local yarn,

  • Emily Whipple August 14, 2020   Reply →

    Mountain Meadow wool in Buffalo Wyoming is a wonderful small company that deserves a look.

    • lainie August 22, 2020   Reply →

      I agree. They source from the ranchers in WY and then process the wool. I have ordered from them and have received 2 packages from their yarn club. Great product each time!

  • Ilean October 16, 2020   Reply →

    I like Wicked Knittah as well. She dyes beautiful colors!

  • Wendy Einbund July 14, 2023   Reply →

    Could you please send me samples of your yarns . Looking for variegated yarn to make a poncho with

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