8 Yarn Shops Near and Dear to My Heart

Do you miss the days when we could shop at our local yarn stores, run our hands on the yarn, and experience the textures? I can’t tell how much I miss the experience and those yarn shops with which I have worked over the past couple of years.

When I was teaching around the country, stopping by local yarn stores definitely added a lot of joy to my travels. So to send some love to the yarn shops which are near and dear to my heart, I’d like to share this list of some of my favorite yarn shops with you.

Although most of the stores have not yet reopened, some of them are still accepting online orders. Visit them virtually and explore the goods they have to support them during these difficult times.

Here are 8 yarn shops near and dear to my heart that I believe you will love too:

01 Knitty City

Knitty City, was founded by the amazing Peal Chin. In her live she gave so much to the community. Her store has been hit hard like other shops, and she had to close the Manhattan store since this March. But Pearl still plans to pay her staff for as long as she can, even with no income coming in. Now, I’m happy to note that they have started filling orders placed via email, so feel free to visit their website and shop around. If you want to send more love to show your support, they also have a GoFundMe page. Learn More »

02 Brooklyn General

For friends in Brooklyn, you may already be familiar with Brooklyn General. The store started on the bottom floor of owner Catherine’s house, and now it has grown to foster a big community and is able to provide a comforting space for people in the neighborhood. It’s definitely one of my favorite local yarn stores in my hometown. Although their location is closed until further notice due to COVID-19, they are still shipping orders placed through their website! Learn More »

03 3 Kittens

3 Kittens is located in Mendota Heights, MN. Besides knitting & crochet yarn and supplies, they have hosted tons of great lectures for the community in the past years. They have been working hard to maintain their customer service, allowing customers to place orders online, by phone or by email. Now, beginning June 9th, they are also offering by-appointment (one person at a time) shopping in their store. Learn More »

04 Dances with Wool

If you are looking for a yarn boutique specializing in quality yarns and supplies for knitters and crocheters in Virginia, you should not miss Dances With Wool, located in Midlothian, VA. Their shopkeepers are experienced, willing to help, and they also provide classes for all skill levels. Although they are still operating with restrictions to keep customers and staff safe, you can now visit their store through Tuesday to Saturday. Learn More » 

05 The Yarn Stop

The Yarn Stop is run by owners, Sam & Mike, and located in Clawson, MI. This shop has everything you need for your project, as well as lots of smiles, plus a fun and relaxed atmosphere. To help customers to get back into the store while maintaining safety, they are currently working on activities that meet their local safety guidelines. Learn More »


I have been working with WEBS for a long time. But some of you might not know that WEBS is a family-owned business, started by Barbara and Art, and now runs by second-generation owners, Kathy and Steve. WEBS has been the destination for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners for over 40 years, and they care for their stuff so much. This is why I enjoy working with them because of the amazing people and community. During these times, I’m so glad we have them to keep our supply full and it’s good to know that their physical store in Northampton, MA, is also open. Learn More »

07 Knot Another Hat

The mission of Knot Another Hat is to provide yarn-arts enthusiasts with quality products and services that will result in beautiful finished projects. They are located in beautiful downtown Hood River, OR, and now they take one appointment and one walk-in per half hour under some policy for safety. Learn More »

08 Sow’s Ear

Sow’s Ear is a combination yarn store and coffee shop, located in Verona, WI, and locally owned and operated since 2000! Their warm and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect place to relax. Sip a drink while knitting or relaxing with friends when you visit. To keep providing excellent service and knitting assistance for your needs, they are holding a bunch of virtual events now! Interested in how to participate? Check out their website to know the details. Learn More »

I hope this list gets you some great options for your future visit online or physical. Visit these stores’ websites for more details and the latest updates on store policy and opening times.

Now, it’s your turn to share your favorite local shops with us, so more people can explore these amazing fiber vendors, which play such important roles in our knitting life. Don’t hesitate to share and tell us what you love about your local stores in the comments!

Interested to know more wonderful vendors I have worked with? Here are 5 great yarn producers that I’d like to introduce you to!

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  • Tara Santmire June 16, 2020   Reply →

    I love Cloverhill Yarn in Catonsville, MD. Great Classes, wonderful yarn selection and very helpful owners and staff!!!!! http://cloverhillyarn.com/

  • Meredith MC June 16, 2020   Reply →

    Cozy Yarn is Eugene, Oregon is my LYS. I have an appointment to visit them tomorrow, after 3 months. I’m so excited.

  • Linda Barney June 18, 2020   Reply →

    In our area, northwest NJ, a favorite shop is The Knitters’s Edge, 1601 W Broad St, Bethlehem, PA.
    Owned and operated by Joann Turcotte, former designer for Kramer Yarns, and mom to her partner and daughter, Amanda. They along with a creative and competent staff offer classes at a phenomenally minimum charge, and the largest diverse selection of yarns in a LYS I’ve ever seen.
    I don’t think there’s any other shop offering such a wonderful selection available within the Tri-state region.

  • Deana July 21, 2020   Reply →

    I love getting new yarn shop recommendations, as traveling and knitting are my two favorite hobbies. (Doing a lot of one but not the other at the moment.) WEBS came through with some gorgeous alafoss lopi for I sweater for my just and some Rowan Big Wool in a discontinued color for me. Yay! For my LYS, I’ll put in a plug for Harriet and Alice in Edina MN. Love then – so helpful!

  • Elizabeth August 29, 2020   Reply →

    KnitWit in Portland, ME is great!

  • Bonnie August 23, 2021   Reply →

    Webs store is wonderful for someone like me in a small out of state community. I highly recommend it and there are always deals and discounts. The yarn i have gotten has all been excellent quality. It’s my number one choice when I need yarn.

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