Palm Canyon KAL Grand Prizes: and the winners are…

Another video KAL comes to an end. I am soooo honored that over 1100 people joined in on the fun of knitting this top. Some knit it now, while others will cast on later!

Through it all, the help and support of every knitter on the Ravelry group was always there. Nearly 6500 amazing knitters helped each other and cheered each other on through every step of the way.

Haven’t joined us yet? If you are feeling inspired to try it, Palm Canyon Video Sweater pattern comes with hours of video tutorials, all the gauge option and knitting how-tos for only will be $18.00!! It’s never too late to jump into any video class, as the videos (embedded in the pattern) never expire, and the message boards stay live forever.

Announcing Our 3 Grand Prize Winners for this Knit-Along:

In addition to the weekly prizes, we had three grand prize categories:

1) Finished Top: Ravelry user jrstitchin

Palm Canyon FO Winner

I randomly drew one person whose tee is finished, and AnjelButterfly won! She responded, “THANK YOU! I am super excited and grateful.”

And here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“Thank you, Patty, for another beautiful sweater! The best lesson I learned during this KAL is tip while casting on for the sleeves, not knitting the last stitch to make nicer slope.”

Here’s her PRIZE!!

2) Better Late Then Never – WIP Prize: Ravelry user Sockeroo802

WIPs (that’s works-in-progress) happen to all of us, but it’s about the journey not the destination, so I wanted to reward
those that started…but haven’t finished (yet).

Palm Canyon WIP Winner

She responded, “Oh, wow!!! I am beyond thrilled! Thank you, Patty!!!”

And here’s what she wrote about her KAL experience:

“While I’m learning lots of great tips for kicking my knitting up a notch or two, probably the best lesson I have learned is about gauge and sizing. I understand much better now how to measure my body and that the upper chest measurement is important! I had never measured my upper chest before! I learned how to read a schematic and what it tells me about a garment. I will definitely be taking more of Patty Lyon’s video classes!!”

Aw! I’m so glad. I can’t wait to see your finished top

Here’s her PRIZE!!

3) “The Best Thing I Learned in Patty Lyons’ KAL”: Ravelry user LorCara

Palm Canyon Lesson Winner

I asked participants to share the best thing they learned during through this process. Vivienne wrote on her project page:

“This was my second Patty Lyon’s KAL and I have to say I found that I’m walking away with two lessons learned. One is a new skill and another I’d label as “pattern literacy”.

The sloped cable cast on made a great fast sleeve increase and I love the shape of the sleeve. I did all the steps and additional tricks and it made a wonderfully gentle sloped sleeve. When I first saw this pattern I was really hoping to learn the Russian graft. Since I made this sweater as a gift to my mom and she liked the visible seam, I didn’t get to learn that trick. Maybe I’ll make another for myself with the graft… 

The second lesson I took away from this was trusting that I was reading the pattern correctly. I love the video classes from Patty because there’s always a resource…if I need it. But as Patty often repeats, just do what the pattern tells you to do, as written, and you can’t go wrong. I found myself flying through this pattern because of the clarity in the pattern writing, but also because I’m confident in following directions. I liked knowing that I have the skills to approach a pattern, and especially by mapping it out on a schematic and doing a read through I can trust myself to do it correctly as long as I have already met gauge.” 

Aw, it’s my pleasure!


Here’s her PRIZE!!

Some more FABULOUS Finished Tees!!!!

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters who joined! Join the group, and hang out with over 4,900 of the coolest knitters around!

Stay tuned, the fall KAL, will be a BIG ONE!

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