My New Year Resolution? No Resolutions! (Plus 8 Knitting Patterns to Add to Your Queue)

Many of us start our year by making New Year’s resolutions—a set of goals to exercise more, eat better, learn a new language, do this, do that. However, we often fall short, and simply move that list of goals from one year to the next. This past year has been impossibly hard and therefore for 2022, my New Year’s resolution is to not make any New Year’s resolutions until 2023. That’s right, I’m hitting the pause button.

Instead of the usual…

  • Exercise more
  • Cook fresh food
  • Read more
  • Learn a new skill

…it’s time to do things that bring us peace and joy, and let’s acknowledge that sometimes it’s okay to:

Exercise as much as we can—

Do not punish ourselves when we can’t. Quarantine life has changed our lifestyle. Finding a new way to do your exercise might add some fun. Just follow your tempo and pick it up in your way.

Eat comfort food sometimes when we need it—

What’s your go to comfort food? There are those days when only comfort food can make us feel better. If cooking is your thing that’s even more wonderful. Cook something that makes you happy.

Read the books you want, but Netflix is nothing to be ashamed of—

If reading makes you happy then go for it. But if it became a checklist to measure your performance, time to give ourselves some break. The format doesn’t matter, the most important question is “Do you enjoy it? And do you find it inspiring?”

Learn something for the joy of learning—

The idea is to do what you need / want this year. So if you want to conquer a new technique, throw yourself in and enjoy the joy of learning. If it’s too hard, set it aside and learn something else. We don’t always have the bandwidth that we think we have.


To help you find your simple joy of learning on knitting, I’ve selected some my knitting projects into two categories below based on the skillset: challenging or relaxing. Hope you enjoy them!

Want to conquer a new technique like lace, cables or brioche? Check out:


Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon is a fun knit with an integrated sleeve and tons of options. This fully reversible dolman tee is destined to become a wardrobe staple. The pattern comes with tutorials for a variety of neck options, gauge options as well as body and sleeve length options.

Learn more


It will be a build your own sweater adventure! Volition is a top down, nearly seamless construction. With three different stitch patterns to choose from, the choices between cardigan or pullover and an infinite number of variations in length, sleeves. You can make as many different variations of the cardi and pullover as you can imagine.




An adult unisex sweater that comes in 12 sizes and features a pullover AND cardigan.

With sweater modifications, knitting how-to’s and hours of videos you will be able to make many sweaters from this one class. The pattern includes hours of video tutorials as well as sweater modifications and tutorials on working to a different gauge.


Charade Brioche

This flattering sweater features a brioche trim at neck, hem and cuff. In this class, you’ll learn how to knit the brioche stitch in both western and combination knitting, and also how to work brioche backward. All the video project classes are fully written and charted (where there are charts) patterns.

learn more

Having a hard day and want to “zen out” with a lot of stockinettes or simple stitch patterns? Have one of these patterns handy:


Jetson is a simple and flattering sweater for everyone. It is universally flattering, featuring a split hem, a bit longer in the back, contrasting color welts and an i-cord bind off. It will be your go to knitting project when you want to take a break for a moment.

Learn More

Saugerties Cardi

This is an easy fit, unisex, comfortable cardigan to keep you warm and cozy. The rib is simple to memorize stitch pattern that adds a beautiful texture to your cardigan. With deep pockets and a cozy collar, you will never want to take this cardi off!

Learn more

Cable Rib Cardi

This classic cardi will become a staple in every knitter’s wardrobe. The hem, cuffs and button band are made with tiny honeycomb cables, with the buttonholes cleverly hidden right in the honeycomb!

Learn more


The shape of Seagate is simple and flattering on many different body types. With fully fashioned shaping, generous ease at the waist & hips, lace & cable details and a luxurious deep cowl neck. This easy and beginner-level project is perfect for you to enjoy the simple joy of knitting.

Learn More

Again, it’s okay NOT to push yourself too hard in the new year, and make sure to add some joy to your daily life. It’s ok to not be ok.
And don’t forget we have an amazing community in which we can share, learn, and laugh together. What are the things that cheer you up on those tough days? Share with us!

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  • Meredith MC January 21, 2022   Reply →

    I love this. I wish the Affiknity Cardi pattern was available as a pattern only. It’s lovely. I don’t use knitting videos though.

  • Paula Denman February 11, 2022   Reply →

    Not sure where I should post my comment on your MDK email today….I just loved the information about short rows and bind offs. Amazing. I haven’t had a reason to do short rows, but I can’t wait to try this technique. The bind off is stunningly simple and stunningly effective. Thank you!!!!

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