🧶 Brioche Building Blocks Video Class – Includes FOUR Projects (and Knit-Along!) 🧶

I am so excited to introduce you to my brand new video class, that I’ll be launching as a knit-along (KAL): Brioche Building Blocks.

Brioche knitting is a beautiful family of knitting patterns that are worked with tucked stitches. The Brioche stitch creates a lofty, stretchy fabric, that looks great on each side. This knitting technique creates stunningly beautiful flowing patterns. Although it can seem intimidating at first, it is deceptively simple to work. As Barbara G. Walker writes in her book “Treasury of Knitting Patterns,” “The elements of all such patterns are (1) a slipped stitch, and (2) a yarn-over; these are knitted together on the return row.”  That’s it!

Although perfect for new Brioche knitter, this class has plenty to offer the more advanced knitter as well. It’s the Brioche class you can grow with!

The class will grow your skills from the very foundations as you work through a sample swatch and 4 Brioche Building Block patterns. There are plenty of extra credit, alternatives in there to keep the advanced knitters on their toes as well. We will learn Brioche in both western and combination knitting, and even how to work Brioche backwards!

It’s a FULL video class for knitters of all levels. What you get:

  • Hours of video tutorials that can be streamed or downloaded.
  • Downloadable handout pdfs.
  • FOUR Brioche projects with full written and charted pattern pdfs.
  • Discussion boards to ask questions as you go, with tons of interactive help.
  • A community group to share your progress with other knitters

Even if you have never knit Brioche, I will guide you every step of the way. By the end of the class you will have learned one color and two color Brioche flat and in the round, increases and decreases and a variety of cast ons and bind offs.

Take this class on my educational platform to stream or download videos anytime. Learn more below.

(NOTE: you will be asked to sign up for a free account on Patty’s education streaming platform —education.pattylyons.com—even if you already have an account on PattyLyons.com. You can use the same user name and email on both sites.) 


What do you need to know about the Brioche Building Blocks KAL?

When you purchase the class, you’ll create your free account on my education site. From there, you’ll find all your tools, handouts, pattern pdf, video and text tutorials. All content can be both streamed (to save room on your device) AND downloaded (to view offline!). There are discussion threads for each part of the class so you can ask questions, and a community group to chat, share pictures, cheer each other on, and even enter for prize drawings!

  • Join the KAL anytime…the class will stay live forever, and the video tutorials will never expire!
  • For even more fun, join our social group on Ravelry.

SAVE $5 During the KAL *

  • Make sure to grab it during the KAL and save (no coupon needed) $5 on the video class (normally priced at $34.50) Sale prices valid through 6/20/22

AND Newsletter subscribers will get an ADDITIONAL 25% off coupon good during our presale time through May 6

CLICK HERE TO BUY BRIOCHE Building Blocks video class



FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a KAL?
KAL stands for knit-along! It’s a great way to work through a class or pattern with the support of the designer (me), but more importantly, hundreds of other knitters. AND there will be fabulous PRIZES!!

The heart of the KAL is our Patty's education site. There we will all your lessons, discussions, sharing of pictures, and knitting tips.

The videos and tutorials will come out on a schedule (see below) to help us all stay together and have fun!

How can I join?
Simply by purchasing the Brioche Building Blocks Class!


If you are new to KALs, find helpful FAQ on the general info page.


You can join in ANYTIME! The class is yours forever, and the video tutorial links will never expire! But the sale price expires after the KAL, so grab it now and knit it later.

Where do we get our yarn AND support our hard working designer?

You can pick out your favorite color of yarns for your projects at WEBS. Make sure to add an extra skein for swatching playing with the practice swatch. If you're not familiar with the WEBS Discount, you can save up to 25% on any products with the WEBS Discount tag. Discount will be applied in your cart.


What skills will I learn?
The class is chocked FULL of techniques.

New skills learned:

Basic skills taught in this class include

    • Single color and two-color Brioche
    • Brioche chart reading
    • Brioche flat and in the round
    • Fixing mistakes in Brioche
    • Increases and decreases in Brioche
    • Weave in ends in Brioche

Advanced skills taught in this class include

    • 5 different cast-ons
    • 3 different bind-offs
    • Brioche unvented increases & decreases (unwrapped and without a stitch holder)
    • Syncopated 2 color Brioche
    • Working Brioche backwards
    • Single pass Brioche

Skills taught for Continental, Throwers, Eastern and Combination Knitters.

Where are the videos?
With every section of the class, new videos and tutorials will be added to your class.

All your videos, and tutorials will be in your class page on https://education.pattylyons.com/. You will find all your classes on your dashboard. All your pattern pdfs and handouts will also be in your class dashboard.

Your initial downloaded Intro PDF will contain basic Brioche knowledge and introduction videos.

KAL Schedule:

As soon as you purchase your class you will get your introduction handout and videos on Brioche Basics. Then the class and projects will be released on a schedule to keep us all working together.

And people will be joining in all during the KAL, but to keep the fun of us all working together, the video tutorials will come out on a schedule. Work as many of the projects as you like!

All new videos sections come out at 8 pm ET

    • April 14: On sale / Intro videos and tutorials
    • May 6: Practice Swatch, and all your Brioche skill videos
    • May 13: Project 1 & 2: Keyhole Scarf and 2 Color Brioche Mitts
    • May 27: Project 3 & 4: Charade Brioche Hat & Syncopation Fascination Scarf
    • Randomly drawn participation prizes awarded every other week, the sooner you cast on, the better chances to win!
    • June 20: Grand prizes awarded. NOTE: You do not have to finish all 4 projects for prizes. It's all about participation and learning!


  • Randomly drawn participation prizes awarded every other week, the sooner you cast on, the better chances to win!
  • June 20, 2022: Grand prizes awarded from our random draw (yup WIP can win!)

Jump in ANYTIME! The class never expires.

Ravelry Group

Join the Ravelry group to hang out with other knitters.

Pattern Informations:

In addition to our practice swatch (that can be worked on any scrap yarn), the class with work through 4 projects:


Brioche Keyhole Scarf

Valley Yarns Superwash (97 yds / 90 m per 50g ball; 100% Extrafine Superwash Merino Wool): Light Blue (Color 021), 2 balls

2 Color Brioche Mitts

Valley Yarns Northampton (247 yds / 226 m per 100g ball; 100% Wool): MC: Sage Heather (Color 51), CC: Lake Heather (Color 42), 1 ball each color.

Charade Brioche Hat

Valley Yarns Hampden (95 yd/87m per 50 g ball; 50% Baby Alpaca, 35% Fine Merino Wool, 15% Mulberry Silk) MC: Sand (Color 02), CC: Rust (Color 06), 1 hank each color.

Syncopation Fascination Scarf 

Valley Yarns Westfield (120 yd/110 m per 50 g ball; 60% Extrafine Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 20% Yak) LC: Lilac (Color 111), DC: Amethyst (Color 112), 3 balls each color.




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  • Paula April 14, 2022   Reply →

    I am certainly interested in the class but wanted to make sure I am clear on materials required. Right now I do have lots of stash. Can I use this for my four projects or must I order the suggested yarn. Thanks.

  • Mary Broughton April 14, 2022   Reply →

    Hi Patty. Planning on taking the brioche class. BUT, I’m not a fan of “thickness” around my neck. Can I possibly use sport yarn for the 2 scarfs? Probably won’t need to make the mittens or cap since I live in Florida. Lol. Thanks, Mary

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