Top Video Tutorials: 7 Knitting Skills You Should Learn

How do you learn on your knitting journey? Some people prefer to learn from books, and some people learn best in an in-person or group setting. For those visual learners, video tutorials are the best way to learn step by step anywhere and anytime. And this is why I started my YouTube channel in 2013. I can’t believe I have uploaded over 50 video tutorials and have over 750,416 views today. 💙 Thank you to those of you who have watched and subscribed. I hope these videos have answered your questions and helped you knit on. If you are new to the party and not sure where to start or are looking for more knitting tips online…

Check out this ultimate guide I put together with my most popular knitting tips. You will find the hidden gems you shouldn’t miss on my YouTube channel:

My most popular video tutorial—

Guess what my top YouTube tutorial is? That’s right! It’s one of my lace knitting tips: One Move SSK (Improved Slip Slip Knit). In this how-to video, I will show you my trick on a better and faster SSK (Slip Slip Knit) that will get the sharp, clean lines you’re looking for. Watch now »

Knitting Fixes

Have you ever made mistakes in your knitting? Sometimes while fixing, do you even make a bigger mess trying to fix a mistake? Don’t be afraid. Mistakes happen, but it makes us stronger. Visual Grafting is one of the must have skills I encourage you to learn!! Sliding your stitches off the needle will allow you to see the path the yarn must take. Watch now »

To learn more tricks to do with grafting, click here to check out my class Advanced Knitting Fixes.

No More Finishing Nightmare

As you know, I love accepting challenges! This video came to be, because I adore the delicate picot look of the Channel Island Cast-On, but I couldn’t find a Channel Island bind-off. So I decided to “unvented” one. Here’s my version of a Channel Island Bind-Off. Watch now »

Are you frustrated with the “ears” in your kitchener stitch? Meet the easier way to kitchener stitch without the “ears.” As what I love to say: don’t do it right, do it better! Watch now »

I have received plenty of special requests, but by far the most frequently requested tutorials involve seaming. Setting in a sleeve can be the most intimidating part of finishing a piece of knitted sweater. This is the one that will make your sweater look slick or sloppy. Learn how to make your shoulder seam strong and seamless! Watch now »

Short Row Love

You all probably already know: I LOVE short rows. ​​I taught German Short Rows in Costa Maya and Palm Canyon, and Shadow Wraps short rows in Volition.⁠ These two videos will teach you how to add shapes to your knitting:


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