Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Best Gift Ideas for Knitters – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Best Gift Ideas for Knitters. I hope you found some wonderful gift ideas in Part 1; and for those of you still searching, I hope I can point you in the right direction now!

There’s still time to get the DIYers on your list something special before any gift-swapping gatherings, so bookmark this list and keep it handy for last-minute presents with a personal touch.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Pamper your favorite knitter with these top-notch knitting goodies:

Lolo Body Care

Most knitters would say their hands could definitely benefit from some extra hydration. Give your knitting enthusiast some skin nourishment with the Lolo Twist—made with beeswax, organic coconut oil, olive oil, and more. It might not be THE gift, but it’s a perfect bonus goody for a gift basket or stocking.

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A little extra care goes a long way:

Soak Wash

Is the knitting maven on your list hesitant about putting handknits in the washing machine? Squash their fears with Soak Wash! Soak’s gentle, no-rinse formula is something I highly recommend for both hand- and machine-washing. From quilts to swimwear, lace to wool, Soak has a cleanser that will allow your giftee to safely clean and care for their delicate knits.

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Let there be light!

Lumos Lumos Knitting Light 

We’ve all done it: gotten so absorbed in our knitting that we’ve shrugged off poor posture, squinting eyes, and much-needed breaks. That’s why I can’t recommend this one enough. The Lumos Knitting Light features adjustable brightness and color-temperature settings so knitters can find the perfect glow for a relaxing, headache-free evening of knitting.

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Stella Lamps

While on the pricier side, they are TOTALLY worth it! Stella lamps are a knitter’s dream for task lighting. They feature multi-level dimming, a flexible neck, thousands of hours of LED life, minimal heat output, and… you get the idea. They’re a welcome relief for knitters with aging eyes, clinically low vision, and those prone to eye strain.

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Looking for some quick knits to add to your gift pile?

Here are five of my favorite featured patterns. Why not send one to a knitter on your gift list who’s on the hunt for a new project? Or (if you have the time) knit these up on your own and give them out as handmade gifts:

Camden Wristers

No matter if your knitter spends their time outside or in, their hands will be snug as a bug this winter with these subtle, stylish wristers. Not only are they eye-catching, but the highly textured lace pattern also makes them quite cushiony. A big compliment magnet!

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Popham Hat

This super-fast knit makes for an excellent first-time cable project for knitters of any level on your list. Designed as a one-skein pattern, the Popham Hat takes the classic beanie and kicks it up a notch. Your giftee will love creating—or receiving—this real head-turner. Any wearer’s head will feel cozy, cradled, and warm!

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Austrian Cowl

Austrian Cowl

Who doesn’t love a cowl? They always seem to add that quiet touch of sophistication—while making any outfit pop! Inspired by the scallops of Austrian drapery, the Austrian Cowl is worked top down, so that the wider base will drape over the wearer’s shoulders. This quick knit would be great as a finished gift or on-the-go project!

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Who else feels just a bit more put together with a matching set?

Hudson Valley Hat & Mittens

Hudson Valley Hat & Mittens

On cold winter days, your gift recipient will happily reach for this hat-and-mitten set to stay bundled while staying fierce! Cables and lace in a squishy, soft wool make these the perfect accessories for winter. A great project for yourself or a loved one, and the shaping for both hat and mittens is built right into the cables—no need to count!

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Grape Leaf Mittens & Hat

Grape Leaf Hat & Mittens

This leafy lace pattern knit in super-soft merino wool will keep your recipient’s hands and head warm all winter long! Plus, the chainette structure gives both sturdiness and spring. With its lovely lace pattern—reminiscent of grape leaves—it’s a quick knit that will keep the maker interested without getting frustrated!

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There you have it, folks. My 2022 holiday gift guide for knitters. If you haven’t got a chance to read the Holiday Gift Guide for Knitters—Part 1, click here. If you’re still scratching your head about what to get a tough-to-shop-for person on your list, click here or check my drop-down “Shop” menu above for an array of classes, patterns, gifts, and gift certificates that make for heartfelt holiday-time offerings.

Thanks for joining me, and have a safe and happy holiday!

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