New Years Resolutions for Knitters

10 New Years Resolutions for Knitters

It’s that time of year again. Time to reflect and think about your year. A few years ago I wrote my own list of “Knitter’s New Year’s Resolution“, but this year . . . I’ve put together a list for all of you.

Let me know about your

New Years Resolutions for Knitters

1) Learn a New Skill

Knitting is a never ending journey. There is so much to learn. This year I want to dig deeper into new constructions and color-work.

What do you want to learn? I hope to see you in a live class this year (I’ll be all over the country!), but if not, you can take a live streaming class, or a video lesson.

2) Give Back

Share your amazing talents by knitting or crocheting for charity. There are so many organizations in need. Here’s a nice list of crochet charities, and knitting charities.

3) Love Your LYS

Having spent 7 years working in 2 yarn stores, I can tell you it’s the hardest job in the world! Take the time to visit your local yarn store.

4) Knit a Sweater

This one is near and dear to my heart. I’m a sweater knitter. I love it. I have since I was a new knitter because nobody told me “it was hard”, so . . . I just took it one step at a time. I hear all the time from knitters “maybe next year”, or “I’m not good enough yet”. NONSENSE! Make this be your year. If you want to be walked through each step of a sweater, join me in one of my sweater classes with hours of videos.

5) Join a Group

Knitting is social! In addition to the fun of a Ravelry group, I also have a free community group on my education platform. Want to meet up with folks IRL, check your LYS to see if there’s a knit night. How about a Meet Up? Did you know there are over 900 groups!

6) Finish those WIPs

You loved it enough to cast on . . . how about finishing that bad boy? It will feel sooo good!

7) Get Over Castonitis

On the other hand . . . give yourself a break if you have multiple projects going at once. I’m a big believer in the challenge project, the mindless project, the big project, and the tiny one.

8) Forget Speed

There’s WAY too much focus on knitting faster. Slow down . . . knit mindfully, knit well, knit comfortably, knit happily. All of these are more important then knit faster!

9) Don’t Forget Your Stash

You loved it when you bought it. Try alternating new loves and old. We all love to buy new yarn (and we need to in order to keep our LYS in biz!), but don’t forget about your old friends. Try stash busting every other project.

10) SWATCH!!!!!!!!!!

If you know me at all, you know how I feel about this. What do we love to do? Knit! What do we have to do to make a swatch? KNIT!!! Remember it is not a pass fail test. You are making a fabric swatch. You are test driving it. Don’t believe me? Join me in one of my gauge classes!

Have a great knitting year.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your Knitter’s Resolutions are for 2023.

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  • cindy prevett January 2, 2018   Reply →

    I love your resolutions Patty! Number 8 really hits home with me. Also stash busting every other project. Great idea!

  • Deborah Nelson January 23, 2018   Reply →

    Complete Level 1 of Master Knitters
    Complete Technical Certification in TKGA
    Complete Patty’s KAL and 2 additional sweaters
    Attend Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis and Yarnover

  • Melissa January 1, 2019   Reply →

    Finish my to knit for others list with enough time to knit my make wear love sweater for myself. Also choose a design software for colorwork so I can design these mittens I’ve been dreaming of, even if Patty won’t knit them bc intarsia 🙂

  • grace January 1, 2019   Reply →

    Working on the WIPs and I have not knit an adult sweater (two are in WIPs), but all the other I do constantly. Need to think about the master knitter program. My stash is steadily going down as looms at the historical village need to be kept threaded and weaving and I do not have enough handspun yarn from the village wheels for an entire project just yet!

  • Andrea Rippel January 5, 2021   Reply →

    Will learn a new skill and hope to take a live class this year.

  • Susan Blakes December 28, 2022   Reply →

    All over the country in 2023!!!! Did I read that wrong? If not, Chicago is a must okay? But in the meantime, ALL of your resolutions/insights hit home but especially the different categories of and reasons for having multiple projects (I.e., mindlessness, not knitting for speed, etc.). Knitting is to be productive, maybe a little income earning, but also relaxing, camaraderie generating and so on.

  • Janice Wilson January 1, 2023   Reply →

    I fulfilled my 2023 New Years Resolution a little early or maybe a little late for 2022? I bought a project journal. I’m so tired of finding unfinished projects and not being able to figure out what pattern, yarn, needle or hook I was using. AND I’ve started using it! Even for small projects. It’s already helped me out when I wanted to crochet a few more mitten ornaments. And also to share a pattern name someone asked about.

  • Maureen H DesMarais January 2, 2023   Reply →

    My 2023 goal is to finish your brioche class that I started in ’22!! Still can’t figure out how to fix mistakes.

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