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AffiKNITy Retreat: Sept 11 – 14, 2023

Knit, Learn, Laugh, Repeat

Nestled along the edge of the Appalachian Mountains just an hour outside New York City sits one of the country’s most spectacular resorts! I hope you can join me, and an amazing group of teachers, at Minerals Resort and Spa for AffiKNITy 2023.

I wanted to create a special retreat where every knitter feels welcome. Whether you’ve been knitting for 2 months or 20 years, whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, whether you like to be in class all day or have a ton of free time . . . this is the retreat for you.

When not in class, there are tons of cozy spots (outdoor fire pit, anyone?!) to sit and knit. Enjoy the sprawling grounds and explore all that comes with the resort. Take a hike to a lake, enjoy the tropical indoor pool complex with swim-out hot tub, go to the gym or take a fitness class, or book yourself a spa appt. 

Please join me for three days of knitting, laughing, learning, while spending time with like-minded people in this mountain wonderland — Truly HEAVEN!


I hope to see you there!

Knit, Learn, Laugh, Repeat



Welcome to AffiKNITy, the Knitting Retreat You Customize!

Let’s look at what’s featured:

I’m so glad everyone had such a good time at our past retreats. There were a few requests that I heard loud and clear, so I’m excited to tell you what’s new and what’s coming back:

  • Destressing Registration Day 🤯

The past three years, this event has sold out in the first hour. This has meant a few thing:

  1. Some people have ended up on the waitlist because their credit card company took too long to process
  2. Packages got oversold because everyone was registering at the same second
  3. Things went so fast that some knitters chose the wrong package or class

IMPORTANT: Please read the HOW REGISTRATION WORKS section below!

  • More free time to relax and hang out with other knitters:

This year we will have more free time built into your schedule AND more fun ways to connect with other knitters like, a night in the arcade room (reserved for us!), S’mores night, and knit night from 9:00 – 10:30 pm. Find out more in the brochure below.

  • A longer marketplace—more needles, notions, and gift items:

Building on last year’s 2 day market, we will have EIGHT vendors for our TWO-DAY marketplace!! That’s right, when you’re not in class you can pop by the market as many times as you like. Sometimes we need to see things more than once or get ideas for projects from other knitters, and this will allow you to shop without feeling rushed. Everyone will have free time on Saturday afternoon to enjoy! AND you’ll get to know the vendors during the retreat. Meet our vendors in the brochure below.

  • A resort with more options for activities:

For your non-knitting companions, or for you on your free time, you’ll find tons of activities at this full service resort. Not only are there amenities included like an indoor/outdoor aquatic center with swim-out hot tub, full sports center, access to all the work out classes, and more. But there’s also a full-service spa, six golf courses, hiking, and a ton of other fun things you can book through the resort. Located in the Appalachian Valley, you are just a short drive from cute towns, breweries and farms—so make a week of it!

  • A package for newer knitters (or knitters coming back to brush up their skills):

In addition to the Full Hank and Mini Skein packages, comes the return of the Gauge Swatch. This package is perfect for new knitters or knitters who just want to brush up their skills but have always dreamed of attending a knitting retreat. See the full descriptions in the brochure below.



How Registration Works

Registration is NOT live, so no payment will be required. It will be an application process and you will be notified if you got in. This way we remove the element of people getting shut out of a package, because too many people were checking out at the same time or their credit card timed out.

A few important points:

  • You will still be asked to pick your package, your first choice classes, and your desired payment option (deposit only or full) AND if you only want your application approved if you got your first choice of classes, or if you’d like it approved even if it has to be changed.
  • You will get a confirmation that your application was received and that you will get a payment link in 24 – 48 hours if you are in, or a notification of being wait listed.
  • The application has some class limits (just so the application process is more realistic), but just because a class shows as available doesn’t mean you might end up in a different session, and more importantly—DON’T PANIC—if your application shows waitlisted. Even if the application is waitlisted you still might get in for a variety of reasons (someone doesn’t complete payment, someone changes their mind, etc.).

BEST WAY TO GET IN? Sign up for the newsletter, bookmark the registration site, keep that early bird code written down, set and alarm and log in at 11 am ET on March 18th!



Location: Minerals Resort and Spa

We will spend 3 days at the stunning Minerals Resort and Spa. They’ve offered us a great group rate for the retreat and have extended it two days before AND after, so make a vacation out of it!

If you’ve never been to the Appalachian Valley, you are in for the treat of a lifetime!


Kate Atherley

Kate Atherley

Julia Farwell-Clay

Julia Farwell-Clay

Safiyyah Talley (The Drunk Knitter)

Safiyyah Talley (The Drunk Knitter)

For all teacher, vendor, class, schedule and price information:


Ravelry Group

Hope to see you there!


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