Hot Summer, Hot Knits: 6 Stylish Projects to Keep Your Needles Busy

When the summer heat hits, some may assume knitting takes a backseat. But true knitting enthusiasts know that’s not the case. With the right yarn and more portable projects, you can create stunning summer knits that add texture and style to your outfits. As I work on preparing a new class and sweater kit for fall (see below for sneak peeks! Stay tuned!), I want to share some inspiring summer knits from my talented friends that will keep your knitting needles busy—even in the sweltering heat.

From chic jewelry to cozy shawls, hats, and socks, these patterns are sure to impress:

Chillow Cuff by Laura Nelkin:

The Chillow Cuff is a delightful accessory knit with silky smooth hand-dyed Valdani Perle Cotton. Twisted bugle and seed beads are pre-strung onto the yarn, adding a touch of elegance as you knit. This cuff perfectly complements the Chillow Collar, making for a fashionable set that you can wear with pride.

Pine Beret by Lauren McElroy:

Accessorize your outfits with the Pine Beret, showcasing a charming pine tree motif that culminates at the crown of the head. This intermediate to advanced level pattern incorporates colorwork with two-color slipped stitches, making it a fun challenge for seasoned knitters.

Stroopwafel Shawl by Xandy Peters:

Inspired by the Dutch cookie, the Stroopwafel Shawl features a basket weave stitch at the center, transitioning into a lacy lattice pattern along the triangle’s edge. The woven cabled motif creates a cozy, spongy fabric, making it ideal for cool summer evenings or chilly air-conditioned spaces.

As the AffiKNITy knitting retreat approaches—less than two months away—let’s catch up and see some amazing summer knits from our beloved AffiKNITy teachers! Just imagine how awesome it will be to wear these during the retreat and take some group photos together!! Want to join us? We still have limited space in all four packages, click here to register!

Super Crop by Safiyyah Talley:

Perfect for layering over any outfit, the Super Crop is a versatile knit suitable for both chilly mornings and cool summer evenings. With options for long or short sleeves, this pattern lets you play around with different yarn weights to create your preferred silhouette.

Penny Candy Shawl by Julia Farwell Clay:

Designed with the joyful kaleidoscope of sugar-spun candy colors in mind, the Penny Candy Shawl brings a nostalgic yet modern touch to your wardrobe. Embrace the vibrant pastel shades and create a festive layer for those unpredictable summer-to-fall temperature shifts.

Lady Aston Sock by Kate Atherley:

Indulge in the elegance of the Lady Aston Sock, combining cables and lace to create a modern take on the classic argyle pattern. Knitted from top-down, this design features reinforced heels for added durability and a no-graft toe for a seamless finish.



Don’t let the summer heat deter you from indulging in your passion for knitting. With these delightful summer knits, you can stay creative, stylish, and comfortable no matter the temperature. So, grab your yarn and knitting needles, and dive into the world of summer knitting. If you’ve already embarked on a summer knitting project, share your experience in the comments below. Happy knitting!

Look for more summer knitting patterns? Check out the blog post featuring my lightweight projects perfect for warm weather.

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