Knit, Connect, Grow: Unveiling 3 Hidden Gems of Patty’s Education Platform

Have you ever tried learning stuff online? If you just finished knitting along with Corcoran sweater, big cheers for you! Your sweaters show how awesome you are at knitting and sticking with it! I bet you’re wondering what’s next. Well, guess what? There’s more fun waiting for you on Patty’s education platform.

Whether you’re a beginner or a knitting pro, let’s check out three cool things that make this platform a special place to learn, connect, and get better at knitting:

01. Keep Learning Whenever You Want

Once you’re in on, you’ve got a ticket to learning that never ends! The classes you join aren’t just a one-time deal. You can watch them again and again, whenever you feel like it. Got a tough part to figure out? No worries – your classes are there to help. You can watch them online or download them to watch later. And guess what? I will be around to help. I check out your questions every single day, making sure you’re never stuck.

02. Meet Friends Who Love Knitting Just Like You

Knitting is more fun when you have friends who love it too. And on Patty’s platform, you’re part of a cool group. It’s free to join, and everyone shares their knitting questions and pictures. It’s like a big, friendly knitting party where everyone helps each other. Setting up your account is easy-peasy, and boom, you’re in! Connect with people who get your knitting excitement and learn from each other. Follow these simple steps to set up your free account>>

03. Live Sessions: connect in real time and ask questions

I host live events on the platform so come and check it out. Workshops, live learning sessions will be added regularly. Grow with us!

Hear What Other Knitters Have to Say

People who’ve been on Patty’s platform have some awesome things to share:

It is extremely hard not to write a book with all that I have learned about knitting a sweater and being able to modify the pattern to my preferences. Patty is a wonderful teacher who really encourages the knitter to try and figure things out on their own . . . but always there with her ever watchful eye. – Mary

This class is worth every penny and more!! For those hesitant to try brioche this is a great start! It also gives you everything you need to make the perfect sweater to fit you!” – Jennifer

Together, the pattern and video tutorials provide everything you need for this sweater.  And the bonus is you can keep the videos playing while you knit so it feels like Patty is sitting there, guiding you and helping the entire time. – Beth



Ready for More Knitting Fun? If you’re excited to keep learning, making friends, and having knitting adventures, visit to learn more about the education platform. You’ll find past knitting fun and awesome video classes on the education site.

Visit the website to explore the classes

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