6 Holiday Quick Knit Patterns to Enhance Your Skills

Are you eager to embark on a knitting journey this holiday season, one that not only produces beautiful creations but also enhances your skills? In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of easy knitting patterns from PattyLyons.com that offer the perfect blend of simplicity and opportunity for skill development. Whether you’re a knitting novice or an advanced beginner, these patterns will not only keep you warm but also help you master new techniques. And guess what? They’re currently on sale for the holiday season, so use the code “HolidayKnit23” and grab them before November 26th to save 25% and knit at your own pace!

*Please note that streaming classes on education.pattylyons.com are not included in this sale, but keep an eye out— they’ll have their own special promotion soon!!

Ready to start knitting? Let’s tackle these six quick knitting projects, perfect for the upcoming holidays:

Luminary Cowl

The Luminary Cowl is more than just a pattern; it’s a learning experience with 13 video tutorials. Anzula Luxury Fibers offers eight color kits to spark your creativity.

This cowl, featured in Knit Stars Season 7, is an excellent opportunity to delve into the world of color knitting. Pair it with Patty’s digital classes, “Introduction to Color Knitting” and “Circular Knitting Essentials,” to elevate your circular knitting skills and explore the magic of colorwork.

Hudson Valley Hat & Mittens Set

Picture cables and lace in a soft, squishy wool – the Hudson Valley Hat & Mittens set is a dreamy project. Crafted with Blue Sky Woolstok yarn, this set not only keeps you warm but also adds a touch of elegance. The shaping incorporated into the cables eliminates the need for constant counting, allowing you to focus on the joy of knitting.

Want to refine your knitting skills further? We offer the Knitting ER class to help you understand and fix common knitting errors with confidence.

Looking for more quick ideas? Check out the Affiknity series for four additional patterns and a list of classes to make your projects even more efficient!

Appalachian Bandana Shawl

This one-skein project from the Affiknity Retreat 2023, featuring yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Studio, allows for creativity in sizing.

To avoid frustrations like ripping out your hard work, take Patty’s classes on “How to Read Your Knit Stitches” and “Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks” to master pattern comprehension and enhance your knitting techniques.

Cherry Ridge Cowl

Designed as a one-skein pattern for AffiKNITy Retreat 2023, the Cherry Ridge Cowl, featuring Morehouse Farm Merino yarn, boasts large cable and lace motifs.

Enhance your knitting skills by pairing this pattern with Patty’s digital class, “Improve Your Knitting,” and discover the right knitting tools for various projects.


Affiknity Hat

Inspired by the cables in Affiknity and Affiknity Jr., this clever hat knits up with just one skein of yarn. Keep warm with earflaps shaped using German Short rows.

Empower yourself to knit cables confidently with Patty’s class, “Explorations in Cables,” and master all things circular with “Circular Knitting Essentials.”

Affiknity Cowl

Inspired by the cables from the Affiknity pullover, this generous-sized cowl is perfect for chilly days.

Learn the foundations of cabling in Patty’s class, “Explorations in Cables,” before diving into stitching.

Intrigued by these patterns? Head over to PattyLyons.com to explore the full range of knitting patterns and classes. Happy knitting!



WHAT: Save 25% off any pattern in the store*⁠
WHERE: pattylyons.com/shop/patterns
WHEN: Nov 17 – Nov 26⁠
HOW: Use promo code – HolidayKnit23⁠

Make sure you have plenty of projects for the winter.⁠

* Streaming classes on education.pattylyons.com are not included in this sale, but keep an eye out— they’ll have their own special promotion soon

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