7 Knitting Goals to Conquer in 2024

Can you believe it’s already February? How’s your 2024 knitting journey so far? After the whirlwind of Vogue Knitting LIVE! in New York, I finally find an opportunity to pause, reflect, and establish goals for the upcoming year. One of the wonderful aspects of knitting is its endless potential for growth and learning. So, let’s dive into some of my knitting goals to make 2024 a year of creative fulfillment and skill development.

Here are my top 7 knitting goals for 2024, paired with resources to support our growth:

1. Knitting for Yourself

Many of us dedicate our knitting skills to creating gifts for others or working on projects for classes and designs (just like my case!). But in 2024, let’s prioritize knitting for pure pleasure. Whether it’s a cozy weekend project or indulging in patterns we’ve long admired, let’s make time to knit for ourselves.

I’m just as drawn to pattern sales as anyone. Over the years, I have bought a couple of patterns from friends and fellow designers that I admire:

🎯 Carol Feller – Sugar Cane Cardigan
🎯 Laura Nelkin – Ultimate Hat
🎯 Xandy Peters – Rockefeller Center
🎯 Lauren McElroy – Work Shirt (part of the Legacy Collection – yup, I bought the whole thing)
🎯 Bristol Ivy – Earth Pullover

2. Finishing Your Oldest WIP

We all have that one lingering project tucked away in our knitting basket. Let’s commit to finishing our oldest work in progress, whether it’s a project started years ago or one that has been patiently waiting for attention.

Mine is Girl Friday and I started it 14 years ago. I’m betting some of you have one WAY older. What is your oldest WIP?

3. Knitting More Comfortably

Have you ever experienced discomfort while knitting? It’s time to prioritize our well-being and learn about the ergonomics of knitting. My friend, the one and only Carson Demers’ book, “Knitting Comfortably,” is a valuable resource for understanding how to knit safely and comfortably, improving our efficiency and productivity while minimizing the risk of injury. I own the book and have many Post-It notes on the stretches it showcases.

4. Exploring Different Knitting Styles

In the new year, why not seize the opportunity to add more tools to your toolkit by learning valuable methods and styles, thereby enhancing the efficiency, comfort, and beauty of your knitting? Let’s expand the knitting repertoire by exploring different methods and styles.

My digital class, “Improve Your Knitting,” offers insights into using the right tools for each project and delving into various knitting techniques to enhance efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics.

5. Knitting Outside the Box

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to try and embrace the thrill of learning and growth through mastering a new technique.

This year, I’m excited to tackle Helene Magnusson’s “Icebreaker,” exploring new horizons in my knitting journey. That’s right, I’ve never steeked a garment before (just swatches). So, I purchased yarn for Helene Magnusson’s Icebreaker. She is a talented designer and is featured in the new MDK field guide.

6. Improving Colorwork Skills

This is not something I’ve ever felt truly confident in. I am going to spend some quality time this year to delve into the world of colorwork.

If you also want to challenge yourself to become more confident with color, you can draw inspiration from “Grand Shetland Adventure Knits” by my friends Mary Jane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnson, exploring a vibrant palette of designs and techniques to elevate your colorwork skills.

7. Embracing Bold Color Choices

Want to step out of your comfort zone and embrace bold color choices in your knitting just like me? Follow along with Lucy Neatby’s Instagram for inspiration and consider knitting one of her patterns to unleash your creativity and embrace a bolder approach to color.



I want to hear from you! What are your knitting goals for 2024? Share your aspirations below, and I will organize the ideas and feature them on my social media channels to help inspire others. Let’s make 2024 a year of knitting exploration, creativity, and fulfillment!

I'll use this to credit you if I share your goal on my social media account, so make sure your name is how you would like to be credited (whether that's "Jen Smith," "Jen S." or just "Jen").

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