AffiKNITy Fashion Show | Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

It’s your time to shine. Let us know what you’d like to show off for the fashion show. It’s fine if your garment is unfinished (what we call “on trend”), just let me know what you want to show off!


We will show off as many as we can. Make sure if you would like to show more then two garments, that you put the 3rd and 4th garment on the form knowing we may or may not be able to get to them. Do add them since I won’t know how many we can show until all the submissions are in.


There are two ways to participate:



All the participants will be in groups of 10 – 12. Everyone will join the event with their cameras off. I will be spotlighted and the participants will be watching in speaker mode.

You will turn on your camera when your group is called. When I call out your name I will spotlight your video – SHOW OFF!!!

Like this (don’t worry, I’ll talk everyone through it on the day):

Recorded (video due by Aug 24)

You can film a short video (really, keep it short 30 seconds ish, or we’ll all be up way past our bedtime) and email me a video like this:


Register with us by filling out the form below.



GARMENT #3 (If we have time)

GARMENT #4 (if we have time)