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Another TNNA = 4 days of yarn, students and friends

Twice a year, all the knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, needlepoint and embroidery professionals across the land (and a few other lands) get together for our annual trade show. The summer show is in my favorite location. I’ve been going there since 2007, and I have my favorite lunch spots, dinner spots, my favorite hotel . . . and now I find out they’re moving. It looks like it’s Goodbye Columbus 🙁

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Designing Cables

I often get asked about my “design process,” and I feel sheepish and inadequate and usually make up some kind of nonsense about being inspired by the colors of the turning leaves or the way the light hits the brick of a New York building. . . but since it’s just us, I thought I’d give you a peek into how my days really go, and my real design process (and hi-tech tools!)

I’m a knitter, and I’m a knitting teacher, and I also design sweaters. I think more like a knitter than a great artist, so mostly my designs are wearable sweaters that I would want to knit for myself.

In design I do use a lot of fancy schmancy computer tools like Excel for pattern grading, charting software, and Illustrator for schematics . . . but since I didn’t go to fashion school, I approach my designs with several other highly professional tools (like twist ties, old t-shirts, scissors, paper, and scotch tape).

I thought it would be fun from time to time to peek under the hood and look at some of my silly tools . . . today’s exploration:

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It’s Never Too Late: Fixing Your Knitting

Last month I was thrilled at the release of my first class with Interweave Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks (reviews found here), now I’m happy to announce my second: Advanced Fixes in Knitting.

Fixing Your Knitting

In this two DVD set (or digital download) we go over fixes on the needles in lace, cables, in the round, color work, shaping and more, AND fixes after your work has been bound off . . . that’s right, it’s never too late to fix your knitting!

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Fun at the Madison Knitters Guild Knit In

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get to return to one of the most awesome knitting guilds, Madison!

I spoke at the guild last year, and had this amazeballs view from the stage:

Madison Knitter's Guild

Madison Knitter’s Guild 2014 – – That’s what over 500 knitters looks like!

The guild is filled with some of the most mad skilled knitters I’ve ever seen in one place . . . so when they asked me back to be the keynote speaker and featured teacher for their annual event, I was thrilled!

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Tuesday Tip: Duplicate Stitch to the Rescue!

Tuesday Tip copyBy far the most powerful tool in the knitter’s toolbox is duplicate stitch (also known as swiss darning). There are so many fixes that can be done once you master this little darling. Furthermore, once you do, you will also have a much better understanding of the anatomy of your stitches.

Swiss Darning (Duplicate Stitch) Sock Repair

Heel of sock is nearly worn through. A wooden darning egg is helpful for this operation

Save Your Knitting : Duplicate Stitch to Prevent a Hole

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