Check out the upcoming online and in-person events for Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks.

Looking for virtual events or in-person book signings for Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks in your city? View the full calendar below for the event listings. More tour dates are coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Book Tour



Sept 15 (2:00 pm ET): Crafting Edit
Sept 15 (7:00 pm ET): Talk Shop Live


Oct 3: (2 pm ET): MDK Book Launch Party 
Oct 12 (7 pm ET): [Exclusive to Preorder Campaign Participants Only] Book Launch Party




Sept 11: Book talk/signing, AffiKNITy retreat. Maine
Sept 24 (4:30 pm): Book signing, Fleece and Harmony (PEI Fiber Fest)


Oct 2: Book talk/signing, WEBS retreat
Oct 15 & 16: Book talk/signing Rhinebeck
Oct 15 (11:30 am ET): Meet up Rhinebeck
Oct 15 (12:30 pm ET): Book talk/signing, Rhinebeck
Oct 21 (6:00 pm ET): Book talk/signing Knitty City
Oct 22 (9:00 am ET): Teaching Knitty City (tricks class)
Oct 24 (6:30 pm PT): Book talk/signing Vogue Knitting Destination Paso Robles
Oct 29 (1 pm ET): book talk/signing The Knitting Room NY


Nov 4 (6:00 pm ET): Book talk/signing Yarning for Ewe
Nov 4-5 (TBD): Book Talk Rowan Connect Fall Event
Nov 12 (6:00 pm GMT-3): Book talk /signing Rosehaven Wine & Wool. Canada


Dec 2-4: Book talk/signing and teaching Fibre Space