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We created an exclusive program for Local Yarn Shops (LYS) to maximize the benefits of Patty’s books. Purchase 25+ books to enhance your programming and boost sales!

My 2022 book Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks was all about sharing my favorite tricks to empower knitters. Since its publication, I’ve heard one thing from knitters: “I wish you could turn the whole book into a class.” This wish was the seed that grew into the new workbook!

Having run two local yarn stores, I know how time consuming it is to create programing, which is why I’m so excited about what the combination of Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks along with the Official Workbook can mean for local yarn stores. Use the Workbook to build customer skills, build community, and build SALES!

Here are three ideas to turn the workbook into sales & programming for your LYS:

  1. Build Sales: Bundle the Workbook with gift products (available through pattylyons.com)
  2. Build Skills: A Ready-Made Class – 4 to 8 week Technique-Along
  3. Build Community: Introduce Special Events

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Special Offers for Wholesale Orders

NOTE: For orders of 25 or more, you can use any combination of the two books (e.g. 13 Knitting Bag of Tricks and 13 Workbooks would count for an order of 25 or more)

Buy 10 books

  • ~1-minute custom video from Patty announcing that the book is available from your store
    (Use it on social, your website, or in your emails!)

Buy 25+ books

  • 25 signed bookplates
    (Offer autographed copies of the book!)
  • ~1-minute custom video from Patty announcing that the book is available from your store
  • a complimentary 4, 6, or 8-week class outline to enhance your in-store technique classes

Buy 50+ books

  • 30-minute livestream for your customers who ordered the book
    (Live on Zoom for your customers)
  • 25 signed bookplates
  • ~1-minute custom video from Patty announcing that the book is in your store
  • a complimentary 4, 6, or 8-week class outline to enhance your in-store technique classes

To arrange your gifts, place your wholesale order with a distributor (see below) and submit the form below. NOTE: wait until you have a receipt to submit form.

NOTE: You must fill out the form below; the distributor WILL NOT inform us of your order.

If you'd like to set up a wholesale acct with pattylyons.com to purchase gift items that go with her books you can apply here: https://pattylyons.com/setting-up-your-wholesale-account/

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Offer only valid once per store. You must include proof of purchase with your from. Please allow for up to 3 business days to receive confirmation.



Owner / Knitty City NYC

Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks belongs in every knitter's library. No matter where you are in your knitting, Patty has a trick or two to make your knitting life easier. Our customers LOVE this book, and so do we! We are on our 5th or 6th order.

Danielle Romanetti

Owner / Fibre Space

Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks has been the best selling book we’ve ever had at Fibre Space! It has quickly become a staple on our shelves and will certainly be required reading for our knitting students for many years to come.

Aimee Pelletier

Owner / Darn Knit Anyway, Stillwater, MN

This book lives on our front counter and we are constantly restocking it. If someone flips through it, they usually smile and laugh and then it almost always ends up in their bag!

We LOVE Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks! Patty's technical expertise shines throughout the book. (In my opinion, her hacks for fixing cast on edges and for the SSK are worth the price of the book alone!) This little reference guide will help every knitter, from newish beginners to advanced stitchers, make their knitting more consistent - more enjoyable. Plus everything is told (and illustrated by Franklin Habit) with wit and humor.

Destiny & Cheryl

owner / Seattle Yarn

Our customers have absolutely loved Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks! It has so many great ideas and clever hacks. It's one of our go-to recommendations whenever someone comes in looking to up their skills, or find a perfect gift for a knitter they love. Also, our shop has a social knitting group that meets multiple times a month. You know how that table can be full of laughter and creativity and, yes, wisdom? There's nothing quite like that community. But this book is kind of like having Patty at our table whenever someone shares something from it!

Want to carry Patty’s books in your store? Thank you for your interest!

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ISBN: 9781446313558
PRICE: $24.99
DIMENSIONS: 208 x 147 mm

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