Corcoran KAL Finished Sweaters!!

I can’t believe it’s over! On June 20th. 140 knitters cast on for their gauge swatches and began the Corcoran KAL. Today, we have an amazing 392 knitters!!!  At the midway point I wrote about their sweaters in progress, and now it’s time to award the final PRIZES!! Today is the last day you can still get the Corcoran KAL […]

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Tuesday Tip: Chimney Graft

Many of you have sent wonderful suggestions for Tuesday Tips. There’s been a lot of interest in seaming and other finishing techniques. We’ve explored the shoulder seam, and we will be visiting other basic seaming techniques in future Tuesday Tips. Today we’re going to explore a really fun one, the . . . Chimney Graft

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Big box of knitting fails

Big Box of Knitting FAILS – What Was I Thinking??

For those of you that have taken classes with me, you know all about “Patty’s Big Box of Knitting Fails”. I seem to have an example of something tragic I’ve done in my knitting for nearly everything I’m teaching. So, this blog series was born to dig into my knitting boo boos. Today’s episode . . […]

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Corcoran KAL Prizes

Corcoran KAL Final Project PRIZES

Six weeks ago over 140 knitters cast on for their gauge swatches and began the Corcoran KAL. Over the weeks to follow our ranks more than doubled (and continues to grow every day), and now over 360 knitters received the final clue. Last week I showed off some of the sweaters in progress. Through 8/15 […]

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