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Destruction and Rebirth

A lot has been going on in the last six weeks since out apartment has been taken OVER by our kitchen rehab. With the Living Room / Dining Room being the staging area, the kitchen torn to shreds, our guest bedroom / office being our kitchen. That means we have been living in our bedroom. It’s kind of like being back in a college dorm w/o the cheap white wine.

I got to escape the madness for a few days in mid March to go to Seattle on business. I got to meet up with the awesome ladies from Knot Another Hat. It was great to hang with them, and Seattle was beautiful, although we hardly got to leave the hotel.

Here we are in the hotel before dinner (Sarah, Nichole & Me)

After a short biz getaway, it was back to the construction zone. We’ve had more then a few glitches along the way, and a few things that have put us SEVERAL weeks, behind, but it’s looking pretty good so far.

The cabinets are really pretty

and include some fab features, like David’s spice rack:

and our two level silverware drawer:

Our favorite feature so far is the cork floor. It came out really nice.

As long as we were ordering the granite for our counter tops, we decided to demo the hearth and get a piece of granite for our new hearth stone. I can’t wait for Wednesday when the install happens.

I finished the Mini Cardi to wear to the YMN conference in Seattle. It only took me two days. It’s a really fast knit. I still haven’t chosen the buttons yet, but it’s cute without buttons.

I also cast on Hey Teach in the Recycled Cotton. It was a really fast knit (especially since I did the 8″ of stockinette on the Studio’s knitting machine.

I have a four day weekend and it was in the 70s today, so I decided it was time to clean up the garden. We are a bit behind this year in getting things together, but I thought I could get started.

I finished my swatch for the new Stripe Class I’m teaching and took it upstairs to the deck to dry. The sun was so hot up there, it was dry in a few minutes!

Things were starting to bud all over the place in our little garden

Last year’s e-bay purchase of a Weeping Cherry Tree, was looking pretty good. Last year it came in the mail as a stick, and this year:

and FINALLY our little Forsythia plant actually bloomed. We have picked up our free Forsythia clipping at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Forsythia Member Day for three years, and we finally got a non dud clipping!

Tomorrow, plant the Dahlias, the Cannas and finish Hey Teach. Hopefully I can get the earthboxes set up soon.

Let the Rehab Begin . . .

We’ve been talking about it and saving for it for years. Now we are finally starting. This Tuesday we begin our 4 -5 week (hopefully) time of living in our bedroom & eating in our office. Say goodbye to this black tiled nightmare:

With broken, badly done tile countertop:

And the undercabinet oven that doesn’t fit:

We’ve packed up our whole kitchen into boxes & bags and stuck it in our office / guest bedroom

This will now be our little kitchen. Toaster oven on the desk,

Here’s the tea cart from the dining room with dishes below & the microwave & coffee maker will go on top

The guest bathroom becomes our “dishwasher”

I think I’ll be enjoying some serious take out!

I did finally finish the crochet edging and cowl on the Weekend Knitting Cami & Cowl.

I also have almost finished David’s sweater back. I feel like I’m not going to make it with the yarn I have, so I did order more, but of course, it’s a different dye lot. It’s a bit lighter, so I’m going to use it for the ribbing for the front & arms, and for the collar.

David also requested a pair of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick slipper socks, like I made for the Studio staff. I had a bunch of left over bits, so he chose this color combo:

So tomorrow is our last day to enjoy the living room, before we shove all the furniture to the side, cover everything with plastic and move into the bedroom. It won’t be so bad, it will be like living in a dorm room. I’ll take during and after photos to see how it all turned out