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Gauge Round Up

Tuesday Tip copyI have written about gauge many times. I think about gauge, I teach gauge, I believe in gauge.

Right now nearly 900 knitters are knitting up the Labadee Cowl and have found out how a tiny difference in a gauge swatch can domino into a cowl that’s way too big. Good news is I updated the pattern for THREE different gauges so if you don’t match the pattern gauge you can cast on few stitches and even eliminate a repeat here and there and get your dream cowl!

Next week hundreds of knitters will start swatching for the Roselle Tee Video KAL, so I thought this was a great time for a round up of . . .

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Tuesday Tip – Gauge Fears? It’s Cookie Math!

Tuesday Tip copyI have written a LOT about gauge. In fact, just put “gauge” in the search field of this blog and you’ll see just how much I have written about it.

In my video sweater classes, we always have gauge tutorials and explore the wonderfully powerful thing that can happen when we don’t get gauge…on purpose.

And yet, we still fear the simple math we have to deal with day-to-day. So let’s break down the Math of Gauge!

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5 Steps to Your Perfect Sweater

5 Steps to Your Perfect Sweater

Tuesday Tip copy

I love sweaters. I love to knit sweaters. I love to wear sweaters. I have knit some great ones and some not great ones. Over the years I’ve made just about every sweater mistake that can be made.

Since we are about to cast on for the newest video sweater class on my Ravelry group (jump in anytime!), it seemed like a good time to look at some simple sweater secrets (say THAT 5 times fast!)

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Understanding Ease

We have just begun to swatch for Harbor Springs Video KAL and it’s time to talk fit and the ever so mysterious “ease”.

In the last video sweater class for Costa Maya I showed the same sweater tried on several different body types (The Many Shapes of Costa Maya.) This really helped people see how the same sweater can look different AND great on a lot of different shapes and sizes.

Before we do the same thing for Harbor Springs, I want to dig into that age old knitter’s question:

What is “ease”

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Tuesday Tip – Working German Short Rows in the Round

Tuesday Tip copyThe love of German Short rows is strong in knitters!  Last year we worked with the wrap and turn method in both the Tortola KAL and the Rising Spades KAL and for Costa Maya we uses German short-rows. In April we learned out to substitute German Short Rows for Wrap and Turn and when I would and wouldn’t substitute. 

Although the work beautifully in the round, there is one trick to closing the gap

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Substituting German Short-Rows for W&T Short-Rows

Tuesday Tip – Substituting German Short-Rows for W&T Short-Rows

Tuesday Tip copyI love short-rows. They are an amazing way to add super cool shapes to knitting. I use them a lot in my designs and I’ve enjoyed teaching them in my video knit-alongs. Last year we worked with the wrap and turn method in both the Tortola KAL and the Rising Spades KAL. The current video knit-along for Costa Maya uses German short-rows. Many knitters fell in love with this technique and now want to know…

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How Many stitches have i bound off

Tuesday Tip – Keeping Track of Bind Off

Tuesday Tip copy

Over the years I’ve talked a lot about “Reading Your Knitting”, as well as knitting tricks to make your life easier. I’ve written about how to keep track of your rows, how to keep track of your cast on, how to keep track of your cable rows, today’s “how to keep track of” is is about your bind off.

It’s happened to all of us, we are binding off a bunch of stitches and suddenly wonder, “how many have I done?”

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