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K&C showWant to know what it’s like to take a class with Patty? Here’s what her students have to say:

You are like that fantastic teacher I had in the fourth grade, the one who made math fun, the one who made history come alive, the one who made me want to never stop learning. You are that kind of teacher!  – Stephanie King

The Magic of Perfect Blocking changed my perspective on finishing! Patty made so much sense and gave organized information on choosing the best way to block a garment and—hopefully—avoid those blocking disasters I had in the past. I also learned a lot about fiber—added bonus to this class. Plus she is hilarious and high energy which made her class a great choice for my after-lunch-slump-time! Can’t wait to take another class with her! – Mindy Bickel

OMG OMG OMG , I learned so much from this awesome teacher, and she came to us !!!!!!! You guys that didn’t take advantage of this workshop . ..well you messed up-:) – Virginia Martinez

I took [Patty’s] Blocking lecture at [Vogue Knitting] Live NYC and learned about when to wet, steam or spray block. After knitting for almost 50 years I still learn new techniques from Patty. She knows so much, I am impressed. I also beta tested [Lion Brand’s] video class [featuring Patty]—stupendous! – Diane O’Brien

I would have to single out Patty as setting the standard for excellence. Patty knows every trick in the book and always, always spreads the gospel of knitting by graciously sharing her vast knowledge. – Mary V. Williams

The class was a blast; watching demonstrations on a screen of Patty knitting made visibility so much easier as we could see the intricacies of creating each stitch. In addition she also helped each student individually with demos and explanations. I never had to worry if I was doing the technique wrong because she verified that each student fully understood before moving on. – Kally Aronis

In Patty Lyons’ class, the information was well-edited and well-presented. I learned a ton. – Jann Johnson

I was one of your students in Sunday’s ‘Intro to Knitting in the Round’. What a great class!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent as a knitter, your knowledge and your wonderful teaching style with us (and for taking the time and effort to put the class together). The class was everything I hoped it would be—and more. – Bonnie Hahn

It was a pleasure for me to be in your class. Your encouragement, support and enthusiasm made my learning process very enjoyable. I look forward to taking other classes under your guidance. – Theow Lau

I recently completed a class with Patty in design and knitting from the neck down. The class handouts were more then great and her teaching method equally great. – Denise Walsh-Horowitz

Using as an example your perfectly fitting sweater, you reviewed and explained the critical necessity and steps involved in getting gauge, showing before and after photos of the same sweater with gauge off by just a stitch. . . Information was utterly practical, made so much sense, answered questions I didn’t even know I had. I still use my notes! Many, many handy tips – Debbie Allen

Patty is a spirited and informed teacher. I learned alot in her class, despite the fact that I have been knitting for two decades. She imparts alot of valuable knowledge in a clear way. I would highly recommend a class with Patty. – Carol Edkins

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