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5 star copy

This class is excellent!!! Worth every penny.

I have been searching for some time now, to find out how to properly count which row I am on, when working cables and Patty has answered that for me. This simple answer was worth the entire price of the class. She also explains how to do the long-tail cast-on in pattern!! I am only sorry that I wasn’t able to get into any of Patty’s classes at DFW fiberfest, but with Craftsy, I can have Patty all to myself any time I want. Thank you for such a great class!! – Tamara626


Patty has a way of not only teaching how to knit cables, but the tips and tricks she gives in her class takes away any frustrations I have felt while knitting. I would have paid the fee for this class just to watch the Fixing Mistakes segment alone! I have taken most of the knitting classes Craftsy has to offer and Patty teaches her art and craft in a way that is superior! If you want to learn how to knit, take classes from Patty! – expatmom888349


This is the second Patty Lyons class I have taken and have found them very well presented and full of wonderful hints and tips as well as clear demonstrations of the different techniques. I love her style of teaching and her sense of humor. The Bonus lesson on fixing mistakes was the proverbial “Cherry on the Top”.
Please ask Patty to present some more classes –  Lesley Innes

5 star copy

Patty Is Exceptionally Brilliant

Thank you Patty for the calm, simplified teaching methodology you use. Thank you for the tips and tricks you provide which are absolutely invaluable! You are awesome! – JaxIsStayingPositive

5 star copyAbsolutely my favorite class.

This class is taught by an amazing teacher and I’ve learned a ton. She teaches how to cable, read the charts, as well as the WHY it works! Along with that she is entertaining and a joy to watch as you learn from her. I have a couple Craftsy classes and Patty is my favorite teacher. I will definitely be taking more classes offered by her just because its taught by her and I’m sure I’ll pick something new. This class however, you learn a lot. Even a little bit about lace knitting as well so if you only have the chance to take one knitting class I highly recommend this one. She even teaches a few ways to cast on. I knew them both, but she adds in a third way I have never seen before and its now my favorite way to cast on. I have several projects lined up to do now from all the new fun things I’ve learned. I can knit with far more confidence than before and being a semi beginner knitter I find I can now tackle intermediate to advanced projects with ease! – BrendaA10

5 star copy

Great Directions!

Already feel like I understand cable chart reading better! Patty speaks so clearly and really breaks down how to understand cable reading and construction! – PixieChakaal

5 star copy

Teaching An Old Knitter New Tricks!  July 30, 2014

So far this is a really great course. I’ve learned several new techniques and have just gotten started. Makes me excited to knit again. THANKS! – norco

5 star copy

Well worth the money!

Due to this teacher and class I have learned so much! I just started knitting 7 months ago and have found a love for a craft that I never knew I could do. I have made several sweaters now and various other items. I am addicted to cables and knitting. Awesome class! – madams1965

5 star copy

ExcellentAll The Extras

Thank you for this class! Lots of pearls added in- such as methods to keep edge stitches tidy, alternative cast ons and cast offs. Really multiple classes in one. – apriestma2637919

5 star copy

ExcellentI Have Learned So Much

This is a great class! I not only learned a ton! but I’ve also had a great time corresponding with Patty. She helped me fix a mistake in my cable that I thought was unfixable. I had a great time with this class and look forward to more classes with her. – bevfaub

5 star copy

Highly recommend this class!

Patty Lyons is an excellent teacher. She is very encouraging and gives you many helpful hints and techniques. I loved this class and have finished three projects so far! If you get stuck you can ask a question and get an answer quickly. It’s like having your very own private teacher. And the best thing about Craftsy classes is you can view them time and time again. You won’t be sorry you enrolled in this class. – Barnesie

5 star copy

Wonderful Class

I have learned so much! I love Patty’s teaching style … She is entertaining while at the same time very informative and easy to understand! I have made six beautiful cable samples and am so proud of them! Thank you Patty! – kosh

5 star copyGreat Class!

This class has given me so much information and confidence. I have loved every minute of it. I had to use the 30 second repeat many times. Patty is an EXCELLENT teacher and gives you so many helpful hints. It is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to do cables and read patterns. Also, enroll in her class Improve Your Knitting because it too is very informative and will teach you many invaluable techniques. – lisagibson

5 star copygood instructions!!!

I have done quite a few cabled hats and was working on the Fiona Ellis cable class but felt over my head. This class helped make all things cable click together with a OMG I get it now! I feel confident to go back to the Fiona Ellis class and complete it. As far as a graduation project, I have a cabled cardigan picked out to do. I’m on a different knitting project at the moment, then the cabled cardigan. – madmdx150884

5 star copy

Patty is Wonderful!

I am just beginning this class and I LOVE it! Patty has a great way of clarifying what she is teaching, by using examples and not making assumptions about what the students may or may not already know. She has a smooth tempo, which makes her easy to follow, without going too slow. I find that really helpful!  I have been knitting for just a couple years and was scared to try cables, but this class takes the fear out of them. Basic cables a really not complicated at all, once ya learn the basics. I am SO glad I purchased this class and I know I will watch many of the lessons over and over. It is well worth the purchase price and then some! – planetmarcel

5 star copy

Cable Class

Really clear explanations. Along with improving your knitting – the best online classes so far. – maura_con1028123

Excellent 5 star copyLearn Cables!

I have always been intimidated with cables, Patty has unraveled the mystery, now I can’t get enough. I love to swatch and learning how to make my stitches travel has taken my knitting to the next level. This class is for everyone even if you have just dabbled in knitting cables as Patty has some great tips in every lesson. I am so happy with this class, the patterns are just a delightful bonus! – Kmp1961

5 star copyExcellent even for an experienced cabler.

I hesitated to take this course because I’ve been cabling for thirty years and didn’t really need a review of the basics, however while suitable for a beginner, this is really a master class in cabling technique. I picked up valuable hints even in the early lessons, and found many ways to improve my cabling. Patty’s hookless cabling technique is far more efficient than the one I was using; her butterfly cast on is entirely new to me and very helpful as I’m always untwisting my wool; and she gave hints for gap avoidance in circular knitting and easy repairs that are already proving valuable to me. I would recommend this course to anyone who cables or wishes to start. – Aunt Lili

5 star copy

Thanks Patty!

Thanks for the great class! I’ve been knitting cables for quite a while, but I am self-taught and wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

I really enjoyed your class and received some great affirmation and some good tips. I love your teaching style and enjoyed the class.

Its really a treat to be able to do these classes in my own home too. – AlwaysRosie

5 star copyPatty Lyons is a wonderful Teacher

Patty Lyons is doing such a wonderful job teaching this class. I already knew cables but wanted to learn to make them look more professional and easier ways to do cables. She goes beyond cables with so many useful techiques for knitters. This is a class for Everyone to take whether you do cables or not. – karenanddolly

Excellent5 star copyFabulous Class – even for new knitters!

I LOVE this class! I’m not only new to cable knitting but to knitting itself and am now knitting cables with no trouble. I wasn’t sure I could do this but Patty makes everything so easy. I love how she shows everything in both styles of knitting, I find the throwing style easier for me to knit. It’s amazing how effortlessly she knits in either style. She’s so comfortable and confident on camera that she makes you feel like you can knit anything.

Due to her teachings I am now able to knit from a chart, text and even by reading my own knitting. I have over 30 Craftsy classes and this in in my top 3. I love it so much I’m going right now to sign up for her other knitting class, Improve Your Knitting. Since I’m a beginner I figure I have a lot of room for improvement. LOL I hope Patty makes future Craftsy classes, I’ll be waiting to sign up. THANK YOU Patty! – Melodie T

5 star copyGreat Instruction & Guidance

I had the pleasure of meeting Patty in person at the Lionbrand a studio and I knew she is an excellent teacher. Taking this class taught myself a lot of cabling and casting on in pattern.

I like the fact that she knit in American & Continental great all around!! Loved her tips and tricks and correcting mistakes and cabling without a needle. Worth every penny. – AndyV