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Advanced Knitting Fixes (click here to purchase – DVD, or Digital Download)

5 star copy


This video saved this beginning knitter lots of frustration and eight rows of knitting.

I had just finished my first ever pattern repeat of eyelet chevron when I noticed that seven of my eight points looked really good. The ‘wonky’ one was right in the middle of the chest on my sweater vest. I With the help of this video I was able to take out just the one repeat (nine stitches) for eight rows and re-knit them. So much better than frogging the whole eight rows!

I enjoy Patty Lyons’ teaching style and own several of her videos. She presents information in a clear, concise, and friendly manner.I especially like that she explains the thought process of why as well as the technical process of how.

I highly recommend this video. At some point, the information here just might save the day for you, too. -Eldonna

5 star copyAmazing Fixes – No longer fear cutting my knitting!!!

Advanced Fixes: This one is tied with Knitting Bag of Tricks for my all time favorite knitting class. I’m pretty good at picking up dropped stitches and other easy fixes, but I had no idea you could put in a cable after you bound off, or how to cut your knitting and replace stitches. The fixes for lace were amazing. I loved knitting the swatches and making the mistakes on purpose. Very empowering. I no longer fear cutting my knitting!!

If you ever see Patty teach live, online or as a DVD get them!! – Margaret

5 star copy

Brain Exploding with Information – Best teacher EVER 

I’ve been a big fan of Patty Lyons for some time now. I have her two Craftsy classes and her Annie’s class. Recently she spoke at my guild and I bought two of her Interweave DVDs.

Oh . . . my . . . god!!! I thought I was good at fixing mistakes, but I had NO idea how many tricks there were. The first DVD of the set was fab (all the fixes on the needle), but it was the second DVD that made my head explode. Cutting, grafting, putting in a cable after the fact. Come on.

My only gripe (and this isn’t with Patty) is how badly the Interweave DVDs suck at chapter marks. I was told by a friend the digital download is even worse. Come on Interweave – learn from Craftsy and set it up right!! – Tammy

5 star copyPatty is the BOMB! I have NEVER seen these tricks

My super awesome friend bought me two of Patty’s DVDs as a gift. Patty is one of my all time favorite teachers from the Vogue knitting shows, and my pal knows I prefer DVDs to online classes. I was excited about the color knitting one, but I didn’t really think I’d get much out of the mistakes class, because I thought I’d seen most fixes.

WOW was I wrong. These fixes blew my mind. I started knitting swatches just so I could cut them. I can’t believe I fixed a cable after the fact (I’m so proud of myself).

I think I may have to buy every class Patty Lyons has ever done (even the non DVD ones!) – Stacy