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Blocking Techniques in Knitting (click here to book)

5 star copyPatty Lyons is Fabulous!!!

I had never watched a knitting webinar, but since I have taken both of Patty Lyons’ Craftsy classes and got SO much out of those, I thought I would try this. Patty has such a clear and concise way of explaining what to do and why to do it. She has a great sense of timing and silly sense of humor that keeps to view interested and engaged. After taking this webinar, I went back and blocked projects that I never bothered to block, including my first sweater, which I only wore once, because it was “off”… Anyhow, after properly blocking it, it fit SO much better! I was amazed! I will wear it now.
I would really recommend taking this webinar to anyone who has not learned to block. It is a great and inexpensive way to learn that last little (and vital) step in creating beautiful handknit items! – Stephanie

5 star copyMy knitting went from good to fabulous!

This webinar answered all my blocking questions. On top of learning the essentials of blocking, I got to see several kinds of blocking boards, learned how to use the different blocking tools like the blocking wires and needles, and how to approach the different fibers, when it comes to blocking.

This perfectly completes the “Secret of Yarn Substitution” webinar, another great presentation with Patty Lyon. I’ve blocked 2 garments since I saw the webinar, and they went from good to… fabulous. Thanks, Patty! – Myriam

4 starts copyExcellent information

This is an excellent class in many respects. Patty Lyons is one of my favorite knitting instructors. She explains things in a simple manner that is easy to understand, and she is also very personable and easy to listen to. The class includes pretty much everything you will ever need to know about blocking, all presented in a well-organized format. She goes into a lot more detail than other instructors I’ve heard, explaining why you do what you do. She is generous with her tips and techniques, some of which are quite clever. By the end of this class, you will understand it all, and you’ll be able to block anything you make.

The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is that it is not actually a video of Patty teaching and demonstrating blocking. It is a video of a PowerPoint presentation with text and photos, and Patty is doing the voiceover. Although you do get Patty’s personality shining through as well as really helpful text and photos on the slides, you don’t get to see anything demonstrated by an actual person. In addition, the audio for this class is not great. At times, it sounds as if Patty is speaking from inside a tunnel. Like all of the videos I’ve ever bought from the Interweave store, this one offers no way of jumping to a particular section, either. However, Patty included title slides for new topics, so you can use your cursor to drag across the video’s timeline and see thumbnails of what the video is showing at any particular point to help you identify where the topic you want comes up.

This video is so comprehensive and explanatory. I feel much more confident about my blocking skills now that I’ve heard the concepts explained so well. I think that for the price it’s an excellent purchase and very informative. – Pamela

4 starts copy Very helpful!

I learned a good deal during this webinar. I’ve never taken the time to black a piece before and though I’ve read about how to block I found Patty’s explanations very helpful. She went over the pitfalls of blocking and showed pictures of lots of projects. The webinar boosted my confidence in my knitting technique (I’ve been working on a hemp/cotton sweater and the unevenness of my stitches was disappointing enough to put the project down for a few months!) and inspired my to experiment and take my projects to the next step. Like she said, it isn’t finished until it’s frosted. Thanks Patty! – Thera

4 starts copy Patty Lyons is a great teacher

I learned a lot about blocking. Very informative.
I really like Patty Lyons very much and how she explains things.
Thanks Patty for your great work and help.
Although this time I can give only 4 stars as I do not prefer a webinar.