Online Class (Customizing Sweater Patterns Parts 1 & 2) Student Reviews - Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

Customizing Sweater Patterns Part 1 (click here to purchase)

5 star copy Important Reasons to Swatch

Know your gauge even row gauge. Part I of Patty’s webinar examines the basics of sweater design and the language of knitting. Find out about the magic formula to seamlessly travel from stitches or rows to inches and back again. Learn to understand sweater schematics. Part 2 is where the fun begins. – Debbie

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Good information , well presented.

Patty Lyons’ explanation of the subtleties of yarn substitution was clear and concise She is knowledgeable and presents in an easy-to-understand manner.  – Peg

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Discover the magic

This webinar covers the basics of sweater design. Learn to decipher and use the schematic. Learn to draw your own if one is missing. Patty covers how to get from stitches to inches and back. I won’t give everything away, but this webinar rocks. !! Q and A at the end. – Debbie

Customizing Sweater Patterns Part 2 (click here to book)

5 star copy

More Patty Lyons’ instructions, please

Patty Lyons is an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable about knitting. She loves to teach and wants every knitter to succeed. Knitting is more than two sticks and pieces of string, it is an expression of ourselves. With this class, we will be able to take a pattern and turn it around to fit us, with all our marvelous curves. Anything, in any media and format, by this gem of a lady, is well worth your time, effort, and money. – Barbara

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Demystifying Sweater Design

Part II rocks. Now that you understand the schematic, Patty explains how to change a pattern. I don’t get row gauge ever, but now I know how to adapt the instructions to meet my gauge. Waist shaping easy, Want a V neck? More magic formulas lead the way. – Debbie F

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Content Great Format needs work

Learn how to customize a pattern. Add waist shaping, change the neck, add a collar. All are covered in this webinar. I have to agree with the other reviewer, the format isn’t that great. Would prefer a DVD where I can see the person rather than the slides.  – Debbie