Online Class (How to Read Your Knit Stitches) - Student Review - Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

How to Read Your Knit Stitches (click here to buy the DVD, click here to buy the Online class)

5 star copy

Excellent teacher

Very kind patient, funny and helpful in all of her wisdom and techniques. I can only hope to be as good of instructor as Patty is. She is delightful to learn from and I will definitely take more online classes in the future from her. Her class was very well planned, at a good pace and not hard to follow and was very well done. Patty does an excellent job as an instructor; you’re an inspiration to me! I am a fan of yours, thank you. -Erin M

5 star copy  This class is fantastic!

This class is fantastic! I learned so much. She explains everything very clearly and the camera shows everything clearly. I finally learned why stitches are knit a certain way! The section on decreases and increases was eye opening; it was so helpful. But the section on “Reading your knitting” turns you into a confident knitter. I feel every knitter needs to know this information! Excellent class! Highly recommend it! – Jeanette R

5 star copy Excellent delivery of Material

Excellent delivery of material, I learned new stitches but actually understand! – Jeanne A

5 star copy

  Patty Lyons has a great teaching style

Her demos are sharp and clear. She anticipates your questions. I learn several knitting skills from all her classes. – Glenda W

5 star copy I love this class

I love this class it explained a lot of stitches I did not understand until I saw them visually. Thanks Patty. – Sharon F

5 star copy

Patty is the best teacher

I would love to see Annie’s offer a knitting 101 class by Patty also. I’m self- taught for the most part and would love help with any bad habits I’ve developed. She is so good at explaining in a way that I totally understand all the hows and whys of my knitting. -Dru L

5 star copy Excellent teacher!

Excellent teacher. I wish my first class had included the “whys” with the “how’s”. Much frustration would have been avoided. – Cheryl D J

5 star copy

Loved this class! 

Patty is a really good teacher.
I have been knitting since I was a little girl and I’m now in my 70’s but many of the techniques I see today are brand new to me and that’s why I love these video classes. – Margaret M

5 star copy

Bravo Patty

Patty’s instruction is spectacular and empowering. I learned some new techniques and had other techniques confirmed. Bravo Patty! – Lori H