Online Class (Intro To Color Knitting) Student Reviews - Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

Introduction to Color Knitting (click here to purchase – DVD, or Digital Download)

5 star copyFabulous class by my favorite teacher

I had know idea how many tricks I could learn for stripes (the felted join color change was my all time FAVE!!). I have taken classes with Patty Lyons at Vogue Knitting and she is always amazing and gives so many extra tricks that you learn so much more than the topic at hand.

I love learning all these color techniques and can’t wait to try them out in my own designs. I just cast on for the cowl and after that, I’m going to design my own hat and scarf set using every trick I learned. GREAT CLASS!!

5 star copyPatty Lyons classes are the best!

I got 4 Patty Lyons DVDs as a gift from my awesome friend. They are all amazing. I will post individual reviews about the specific content:

Introduction to Color Knitting is a single DVD (a little under an hour and a half) that is jam packed full of knitting tricks I’ve never seen. Not only did I learn how to knit in my tail as I go, I learned how to manage multiple colors, the magical felted join, two color cast on, slip stitch knitting and about a million other tricks. As in her live classes, Patty packs in a bunch of knitting tips that just improve your knitting. If you ever see Patty teach live, online or as a DVD get them!! – Margaret

5 star copy

Love this! 

I have to share my bias up front. I am a great admirer of Patty Lyons. I find her teaching methods extraordinary. I happened to be working on my first color piece when I started watching her video. It was fabulous. You knit a swatch along with her so you have a reminder of what things look like. I learned many tips and tricks and more importantly I understand why it is done that way. The piece I am working on looks more professional than the first few rows before I saw the video. – Deborah

5 star copy


Patty Lyons is an amazing teacher. She has so many tips and techniques packed into this dvd. And the camera work is well done. – Ellen