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5 star copyNobel Prize Knitting 

I have to add my RAVE in favor of this spectacular set of knitting tips and tricks – nobody covers this material like Patty. Elizabeth Zimmermann, make room, because Patty’s style of teaching, with humor, insight, TOTAL CLARITY and immediate utility makes these second to none. I wrote to Patty in thanks and I called her a “knitting scientist” which I know has a scary sound to many who are uneasy with math. So let me just say that these videos are NOT about math and theory. They are about illuminating what your hands need to do when you have yarn and needles in them, to end up with a far more magnificent result than you ever knew was possible, AND understanding HOW and WHY you were able to get it! Bravo, Patty, bravo! I can’t wait to watch your future videos! – Andrea

5 star copyPatty Lyons NEVER Disappoints! 

I can honestly say that Patty Lyons, more than any other source, has taught me the most and best tricks, techniques and really given me the confidence to continue to learn, to try new things and to continually become a better, happier knitter! From the first Craftsy class I took, “Improve Your Knitting”, I have just loved her! She not only teaches how to do something, but why. That makes all the difference in any subject. If you know why you are doing something, not just the result, you will remember it.
I would recommend this to anyone who knits, no matter how skilled or unskilled, because you will learn new tricks, you will remember them and you will have a great time doing it.
Buy this! You will not regret it. – Stephanie

5 star copyExcellent! Intelligent! Well presented!

I consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced knitter and am an avid consumer of knitting technique books and videos so was hesitant to buy this video as it might be a rehash of tips I’ve learned elsewhere. This was not the case at all!

Patty Lyons is a phenomenal teacher with a great presentation style. I love her approach of teaching you not only “how” to do techniques but also clearly explaining the “why”. I find it so much easier to remember how to do something if I have an understanding of the mechanics behind. I learned many new tips and tricks and gained a deeper understanding of the structure of my knitting. I highly recommend this video for anyone interested in taking their knitting one step beyond….. – Marilyn

5 star copy

Really worth the price 

Even after 30 years of knitting I learned some new and helpful tricks.

Especially her approach of considering “why” something happens before thinking “how” to fix it is extremely helpful to understand your knitting.

Everything she does is very clearly shown and easy to follow.

Besides that I love her speech – it’s very clear and understandable even for not native speakers like me (I’m german). – Tichiro

5 star copy

The “why” makes the “how” so much easier!

Patty Lyons makes knitting less stressful. Her examples make learning easy. Her tricks and tips are useful no matter what project you’re working on, because she so clearly explains the “why” of what you’re doing, which often translates into other areas.

I love her videos. – joanne

5 star copy

totally worth it! 

I am really enjoying this course. i have been knitting for many years now, my grandma taught me when I was 8 yo (now I am 41), and I have produce some nice sweaters, blankets, etc. However I always got some “misshaping” on my knittings… a hole near the neckline, a not so stretchy rim, etc. This class is teaching me amazing tips, from the very beginning on how to cast on in certain way.

Patty is very clear in her explanations, I like her approach on why some technique works, in understanding how the yarn works in certain way. Really an eye opener !

I had a baby recently, so I am pretty busy, not freely to follow the videos all at once, but the possibility of downloading them let me go back and forth to them whenever I have the chance.
I am sooo glad I found these videos. Thanks Patty, and please, bring some more in the future. – nurit

5 star copy

excellent video workshop 

Patty is always an excellent teacher. Every time I see her name attached to a video presentation, I immediately purchase the product with assurance that it will be top notch and informative. Thanks for continuing to produce her teaching videos. – Robert

5 star copy

Must have video! 

I have a large collection of “How to” videos so was hesitant to purchase one more. I am really glad I did get this one. This video is not only great for a beginning knitter but intermediate and I dare say advanced knitters will find these tips and tricks very beneficial. Patty’s professionalism and teaching technique are second to none. I highly recommend this video for any knitter who wants to improve their knitting skills and technique. – Sue

5 star copy

Worth Every Penny

I thought I was at least an experienced intermediate knitter but I learned more from these classes than I ever expected, including simple things that I never thought of like how to tighten up my edge stitches and a better way to do decreases. But the technique for avoiding holes when you have to bind off for a neckline in the middle of piece was worth the price alone. – Nancy

5 star copyKnitting Bag of Tricks

I always needed a Knitting reference book that would my go-to in developing my knitting skills and this is it. Great! – Ronnie

5 star copy

Very practical, helpful tips

From cast on to bind off, Patty Lyons provides great advice for making every knitted piece look its best. I’ve already referred to this video multiple times. Patty explains the whys and hows of each technique clearly and demonstrates them a few times to ensure that the viewer understands. – Susan

5 star copy


Love, love. love the ideas –I’m learning a lot, and I am a knitting teacher. I had complained about the pdfs, but then I happened to contact Patty herself, who IMMEDIATELY got things fixed at Interweave and she also sent me the pdfs herself. Can’t wait to someday take a class from her in person. – Nancy

5 star copy

Excellent content and delivery

Patty provides classes with excellent content and precise delivery. I like her style of teaching – very detailed and understandable. I like her analogies and examples. I find her explanations broaden my level of understanding – her approach is not just “do this”, or “I’ll show you” but adding the WHY helps me understand techniques. I recommend this class. – Lois

5 star copy


This is definitely worth the money. I’ve been knitting for close to 60 years (did I just say that) and I picked up helpful tips in the first 15 minutes. Haven’t even gotten to the end of volume 1 yet. Can’t wait to see what else I learn. She is a terrific teacher. – Cathy P

5 star copy

Even Experienced Knitters Can Learn Something!!

Patty is a great teacher and I learned so many great tips to improve my knitting! I’ve been knitting for over 50 years and while I didn’t think I knew everything, I was amazed by what Patty showed me!

Good camera work gives you up close and Patty takes her time explaining why something works.

Patty will be teaching at our guild in October (2015) and I can’t wait to take more classes from her! – Barbara

5 star copy

Best Class by the Best Teacher in the WORLD!!

I’m a hard core fan of Patty Lyons. I’ve taken her live classes at Vogue, I have both her Craftsy classes and her Annie’s class.

She came to speak at my guild and I was super excited to find out she had Interweave DVDs I didn’t even know about. I bought 2 (probably going to buy the color one too).

This class has tricks that I’ve never seen. No matter how advanced you are and how many years you’ve been knitting, I’m telling you, you’re going to learn new things. Plus, I just love how Patty always explains the WHY of everything. Nobody else does it like her. She really is my favorite teacher.

My only gripe (and this isn’t with Patty) is how badly the Interweave DVDs suck at chapter marks. I was told by a friend the digital download is even worse. Come on Interweave – learn from Craftsy and set it up right!!. – Tammy

5 star copy

Best money spent in a long time!

I have knit for over 50 years but learned at least 10 tips to improve my knitting! The video is clear and the techniques well explained and easy to see. Explaining the why there was a problem in the first place was awesome! Kudos to a well thought out and delivered program!- Kathleen

5 star copy

Money Well Spent! Thank you Patty Lyons

Learned more in 50 minutes than in almost 70 years of knitting. Well presented with no hesitation, view of work in the hand was excellent. Have watched time and time again.

My interest in knitting has been revived with doing some children’s accessories for charity. The patterns I have obtained from the internet are nearly all US where the terminology is different, ssk? what is that.

Patty’s style is very agreeable and the method of teaching first class. A well put together video. Would recommend to all knitters of whatever ability, even the most proficient would learn something.

Patty Lyons is now my new friend. – Rosemary

5 star copy

Great tips!

I bought Part 1 and 2, and the videos are great! I’ve been knitting for about 12 years, and I learned so many new tips and tricks to use in order to make my knitting neater and easier – I had the opportunity to use one within a few days of watching the videos. Patty is also funny and entertaining, making the videos a pleasure to watch (as opposed to “boring but educational”). I love that she explains the why and then the how so that you understand what’s actually happening to the stitches. I highly recommend this video set for the beginning knitter to the advanced knitter!- Shannon

5 star copyOrder this today!

I’ve been knitting for over 50 years and have taught knitting for 30, and yet. . . yet. . . I learned many things from Patty Lyons’s Knitting Bag of Tricks, Parts 1 and 2. The best teacher gives a student the know-how to use the pole and not just the fish dinner and Lyons does exactly this as she focuses on the “why” certain tricks and tips will work. She examines the construction of stitches in ways that are applicable to both beginning knitting needs as well as for those of us who design and have a solid grasp of knitting. This was worth twice the money I paid for it! – Katewrite

5 star copy

Patty Lyons is the best

Patty has a very special talent of teaching and making it very clear to learn new knitting techniques. I like she brings up problems we find in our knitting and has found a way to fix them. She asks the why first then fixes the problem. A must have for all knitters.- Karen

5 star copy

Great Tips

I’m an advanced intermediate knitter and these are great knitting tips to improve ones work. Best of all Patty Lyons presents it all with a wonderful sense of humor and easy going manner. She’s also sure to demonstrate techniques for both pickers and throwers when necessary.- Carrie

5 star copy


I’ve been knitting for 60 years and am amazed at how many new things I learned from Patty’s Knitting Bag of Tricks!, both parts 1 & 2. – Ann

5 star copy

Absolutely perfect lesson

Patty is a terrific teacher and those lessons (part1 and part2) are absolutely perfect. I hope that Patty will continue producing videos as she is too far away from me to attend her classes.
I’ve learned so many things and first time I’ve learned the “why” things happen while knitting.
The way she explains every step is clear to understand even if you are a foreigner (which I am) and English is not my native language.
(Originaly coming from Greece and knitting as well as crochet has a very old tradition).
Many many thanks to Patty and thanks to interweave store for selling.
Please Patty continue your great work. Wishing you all the best!  – Hellena