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Secrets to Yarn Substitution (click here to book)

5 star copy

Good Information!

This answered my questions about what to do if the yarn called for in a pattern is not available. I especially profited from the discussion of yards vs grams in figuring out how much yarn to buy, also how the weight of the yarn can drastically affect the yardage. Paying attention to fiber content is also important if you want the same qualities of drape, etc. in the finished garment. – Peggy

5 star copyI learned a lot from this short class.

It might have been better had I been able to join in the live session, but I couldn’t. I still benefited from it, though. I still don’t totally understand everything that was presented, but I have a start in the right direction. – Judy

     4 starts copy Lady knows her yarn

I really liked this webinar. Patty Lyons is a good presentor, and I learned just what I was looking for: what yarn to choose for what use, how to pick a yarn different from the one the pattern recommends, and most importantly, how to judge the quantity of yarn needed for a pattern I’d design myself. I specially loved the tips about the comparison between yarns of yesteryear and today’s yarns.

I would have loved if the webinar could have had more pictures of Patty’s tools (like her blocking board) and finished products. Nevertheless, she illustrated her point of “always swatch and block” very well with pictures of different swatches in different designs. I won’t forget it.This webinar actually changed the way I knit for the better! – Myriam

Very useful info – Rosario

This was fantastic, loved every word, tips and all. – Yolande

I really love this webinar. I’ll recommend it to knitter friends! – Myriam

This seminar is fantastic! So much information presented clearly and concisely. – Mary Ellen

Enjoying it very much!  🙂 – Kathy

Very good information but too much to remember.   Great idea to have handouts. Stephanie

That’s great!!  I’ll need to review this again and again.  Too much information to absorb in this setting. – Patricia

Cool, great advice! Thank you so much – Myriam