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5 star copyIf you can only take one class, this is the one!

This is such an awesome class, topped off by a wonderful, wonderful teacher. Patty has a great sense of humour and she is incredibly inspiring — not just in what she is teaching, but she really makes you think about how we knit and why; all the while, never making you feel that you are doing anything wrong. Her instruction is very clear and easy to understand, although getting my hands to follow suit was challenging. But that’s all me. 🙂 After a few tries and the glory of being able to hit the 30 second repeat, my “AHA!” moments were endless.

Patty’s lessons go through how stitches are constructed, how they are mounted on the needle, and how the direction of the way you throw your yarn affects the direction and position of the stitch. Each lesson is thorough and really helped me to understand my knitting better. Patty also explains different knitting styles, their origin, and offers encouragement to try new ones.

If you can only take one Craftsy class (even if you’ve never knit before), this is the one — you won’t be disappointed. It provides such a great foundation for those who are just starting; and for those of us who already knit, the inspiration and tools to be better. Quite honestly, I wish she was teaching all of the classes. She really honors the art of knitting in both her teaching style and the content of what she teaches.

I can’t wait to start her Cable class! – beckettsmama

Excellent5 star copyThis is worth it, even if you’ve been knitting all your life!

I learned to knit at my (scottish) grandmother’s knee more than 50 years ago. What I learned in this class was how/why things work, along with a whole new slew of tricks, as well as a new addiction – Portuguese knitting. And, I finally resolved my left-handed cast-on issues. Patty is a fantastic teacher – thorough and thoughtful instructions with terrific analogies for the right-brained thinkers. Thank you Patty! – Toni Toland

5 star copyThe Best knitting class ever

Patty Lyons is a truly great teacher. Her explanations are detailed , vivid and easy to understand and she makes novice knitters such as myself want to expand our horizons and try new things.
Since purchasing this first class I have gone on to purchase her class on cables and look forward to any others she may bring to Craftsy.
What a wonderful teacher. – eliza10

Excellent5 star copyPatty is super awesome

Please have her teach more Craftsy classes! One of the best Craftsy teachers I’ve had so far. Funny and talented – can’t go wrong there. Thank you so much for the clear, detailed explanations and examples. This will definitely help enhance my current technique and hopefully master some new ones as well. – Breezed

5 star copy

Broaden Your Options

Wow….I have learned so much from this class and I honestly have to say my knitting has improved 100%. I feel I can “read” my knitting better and I understand how that stitch is made. I can vary my tension based on the need of my project. I now combine methods to increase my speed. I love Portuguese knitting if I need to purl quite a bit…..or vary if my hands are sore or tired. You will not regret purchasing this class. I have gone back to it many times to review and continue to improve. – ColDeb

5 star copy

Love it already…and still at the beginning!

I am learning so much as a fairly new knitter. I love this class and I’m still just at the beginning. I love the teaching style, I can totally follow it. Also, she explains some of the “whys” in knitting and I love that. I will DEFINITELY be signing up for more Craftsy classes, worth every single penny!! – Sue-Pie

5 star copy

ExcellentSuper Class Even If You Are Experienced!

I’ve been knitting a long time as a thrower. I’ve never had any luck learning picking. However with this class I found it so clear and easy to learn. There were also lots of other jewels I didn’t expect. I will be coming back to this class often! – Cowlgrl

5 star copy

ExcellentYou CAN Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

After over 45 years of knitting I have finally learned why my knitting sometimes is too tight and sometimes too loose. Sooooo glad I am taking this class! – thespunkygal

5 star copy

Improve Your knitting! Great Class

Loved your class Patty, thank you so very, very much! Enjoyed your teaching! Really appreciate knowing different styles, so glad I took this class! – speranza1508937

5 star copy

A Resource I’ll Be Referring To Often

Patty provided a wealth of different styles and explained situations where the various methods might be preferable to one’s current style. I also was able to pick up a few tips to make my knitting method more efficient and uniform. I enjoyed Patty’s conversational approach to teaching and felt she was an excellent teacher. – runnerjudy

5 star copy

ExcellentWonderful information

Wonderful information in an easy fun way to learn. She makes learning new things fun and exciting – 19journey761132

5 star copy

All knitters need this class

Patty is just too great. Her knowledge, explanations, and humor make some tricky thinking possible. Knowing what the yarn is doing and How you can make it happen is invaluable. All the 5 star ratings are right on. Take the class! – simplyknits2

5 star copy

Bargain!!! LOVED IT!  July 4, 2014

You would have to take numerous classes in your local yarn shop (if you even have one near you), at $40 to $100+ dollars to even come close to what Patty teaches in this class. It is impossible to absorb all of this as a new knitter but I can grow into it!!!! I love Continental but who knew I was doing some Western knitting without even realizing it. So thanks Patty! I am also enrolled in your Cable class and hope you do more classes in the future!! (HEAR that CRAFTSY) – teriscissorhands

5 star copyFantastic for knitters of any level

I can’t overstate how much I have gained from this class, and I’m a very experienced knitter. Patty’s pacing and her explanations are EXCELLENT and her analysis of the real “anatomy” of stitches is extremely useful info for any knitter. Patty also explains very lucidly why it’s worthwhile to know several ways to knit, whether for different yarn/project situations or simply for the health of our joints.

To put it simply, by the time I was 2 lessons into this class, I went searching for other Patty Lyons classes to buy. I hope we see even more from this wonderful teacher. – Keeral

Excellent5 star copy Wonderful!

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to take this Craftsy class. Patty brings knitting to life like none other. Her clear demonstrations of the various styles and methods are beyond excellent. The course offered such depth of material that it cannot be grasped all at once. I find myself improving ever so slightly day by day and find myself returning to view Patty’s demonstrations over and over again. Thank you, Craftsy, for bringing us this wonderful, skilled lady. – ladytijeras

5 star copyMarry me! I love you and your classes!

I always wondered why people take classes when there are YouTube videos. This class right here is why.

Long story short: let’s just say that I was super skeptical of taking this class since I felt like I was a pretty damn good knitter. And let’s just say – this is my favorite class. Fair warning: I am the kind of person who really loves learning new styles and seeing different ways to make the same knit stitches – not only memorizing the movement, but really understanding _why_ this works. Patty does a great job explaining that as well as why in the world you would even want to know this.

I had some practical applications in my knitting already. If you’ve already _mastered_ all the topics in this class, move along folks. But if all you know how to do is do the knit stitch backwards without understanding the movement and why that works, unable to purl back backwards, unable to knit decrease and increase stitches backwards for say, an applied lace border you don’t want to turn around every 14 stitches – come on in. – anniesahn

5 star copyOutrageously Good Class and Fantastic Teacher

Wow. Looking at the list of lessons, I thought, well, this may be inter to get to know some other knitting styles, and I may gain a few tips. This class is way, way more than this.
Patty (apart from being clear and sweet and sometimes really funny) takes you through basics and principles, how stitches are constructed and mounted on the needles, why are things done the way they are done, what can be done differently and what cannot. She really made me better understand my knitting, and from understanding – comes improvement. I could feel it even after one or two lessons.
Patty emphasizes how learning a different style or method (she explains the difference between the two) can help us understand our own style – and this is oh so true.
And yeah – you’ll also get some neat tips and tricks.
I’m sort of an upper-intermediate knitter and I would recommend this class to every knitter I know. It’s downright amazing and if I could rate it higher – I would. If you’re only getting one Craftsy class this year (I know – not a realistic scenario) – get this one. – Iriskat

5 star copyWhat a FANTASTIC teacher and class!

This class is amazing!I have enrolled in most of the other knitting classes Craftsy has to offer so I could learn how to knit, but this class is by far my favorite! Patty doesn’t just tell you what to do, or show you what to do. She explains knitting so well that I finally understand why and how the stitches used to knit fabric are formed! I enrolled in Patty’s class on Cables and found that class equally rewarding, and full of knitting logic also. This class was worth every cent of the purchase price!! I hope Patty will share more of her knitting logic and wisdom with us soon!!! – expatmom888349

Excellent5 star copyFantastic!!!!

Brilliant class. I learned so much about how the stitch is made. Patty is so clear with her instructions. She answers questions really quickly which is great. Even small things like joining yarn or finishing off a project were tips that I had never heard in other classes and made my work look better. I highly recommend this class to beginners and skilled knitters alike. Thank you Patty so much for a superb class. – Jo la Fleur

Excellent5 star copyGreat Class!

Pretty much anything by Patty Lyons is going to be great! I am a huge fan of Craftsy and a huge fan of Patty Lyons, having discovered her on the Lion Brand web site where I bought her class on fixing mistakes. When I was a very novice knitter I signed up for that class and soon I was at the weekly yarn shop knitting get together and actually fixing things for folks that had years of experience! Considering that I had about a month of experience and I understood more about knitting stitches and construction than most of the more experienced folks, I think that says something! Patty’s teaching style is very much responsible for that! I am a big believer in understanding what you are doing rather than memorizing what you are doing and Patty’s method of teaching fits me absolutely perfectly. I hope she will teach more courses on the Craftsy platform! Hint, hint, hint!!!

I am currently trying to undo how I knit both picking and throwing because I want to do some colorwork and I find that although I’ve become very good at both styles separately I need to work on getting each hand out of the way of the other hand in order to do both at the same time. Currently, I am using this class to learn Patty’s method of hold the working yarn and left needle for picking and, though awkward, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, just like I got the hang of my method of holding the yarn in the first place!!

This is a wonderful class and will be especially appreciated by folks who see the value in understanding what you are doing rather than just blindly following instructions. Also, she teachers different styles of knitting from around the world, and, though I haven’t gotten to that part of the class yet, I expect to learn many wonderful things in each lesson.

Thank you Patty for another wonderful course. Please teach more online courses, as I live in Florida and won’t be able to come to you in person for a class! – FlNaturalist

5 star copyFantastic Class for Knitters Wanting to Broaden Their Skills

This class might be a bit overwhelming for someone just starting out, but once you’ve got the basics, this class is exceptional in helping you to really understand what it going on with your knitting. Patty is one of the best knitting instructors I’ve encountered. Her explanations are clear and detailed. I’ve been knitting for over 40 years and continental for well over 20 of them and I’ve learned so much! I’ll definitely be recommending this class to all my knitting friends 🙂 – ShawnaE

5 star copyFantastic!!!

This class is just plain wonderful! Great teacher. Demos are easy to see and I like the way she repeats each technique. Invaluable! I learned an enormous amount from this class and have referred to it often! – mallorym21755817

Excellent 5 star copyA great class for every level.

This class was right up my alley. I love the technical side of knitting. Patty does a great job explaining and demonstrating the different methods and styles of knitting. As an American knitter, I especially liked seeing the eastern methods. Awesome class and I highly recommend it for all skill levels. – JELeibold

5 star copyKnitting Science–who knew?

Now this is the only way this subject (combination knitting) can be taught via a video course. Priceless! This course should be named, The Science in Knitting” or “guess what you don’t know about knitting”. Unbelievable quality and teaching technique. This great teaching style is what needs to be the guide for all teaching styles–precise and clear. Thank you for taking us to a place where Knitters can truly challenge themselves with other than “what to should I knit next…”, but instead the process of how it should be knitted! I will be a combination knitter from this day forward–let the learning continue. – Pu’a

5 star copyAwesome class

I am a less experienced knitter but wanted to learn how to control my tension and also alternatives to the continental style I have recently learned. This is a great class, especially for a beginner, as it thoroughly demonstrates many styles and methods of knitting. I did not want to develop any “bad habits” as a beginner, and this class has helped me enormously. It is great for any kind of knitter (thrower or picker) and Patty is a wonderful, warm and witty instructor. Really glad I signed up for this and look forward to taking her cable knitting class very soon. – tucksandfrills

5 star copyPatty’s explanations are awesome, and her sense of humor is most enjoyable

Just finished listening to the class in full (never do that) and am now ready to start practicing. The bonus class on casting on, I think answered my questions on why the leading leg on my needle always seems to be backward due to my casting on left handed. I’m off to start practicing the different methods.
I hope she decides to do a class on casting on & binding off

Excellent5 star copyChock full of information!

I had no idea what to expect from this class, but it was some of the best money I’d ever spent on a knitting class. Already my knitting is improving as I learn to combine styles and to take advantage of the best of each world. Patti really explains why a stitch works the way it does, which becomes quite important when you’re trying to fix mistakes or improvise.

I felt that I left the class a more confident knitter, and feeling much more empowered. This class is wonderful. Patti is a great teacher and the course content was worth every penny. – cassidy59

5 star copyReally worthwhile course to improve your knitting skill!

I am an experienced knitter who mainly throws ( because I learned it so young and it is so ingrained) and had learned most of these styles to try to reduce repetitive motion problems, but I really found the detailed explanations Patty give enabled me to use the styles much better. I am thrilled that I learned how to tension better in Portuguese, and now really like that style. I had seen backwards knitting but now I understand better how to do it and the advantages. The course is probably best for experienced knitters in that Patty adds so much detail it might be overwhelming to a beginner. I am really glad I took the course and know I will refer to it again as I try to wean myself from always throwing so I can knit until I am really old! The course also really deepens your understanding of stitch mounts and refinements. Well worth the price! – Shelmica


5 star copy


This class is great for knitters who want to take their skills to the next level. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks! – knittyqueen

Excellent 5 star copyWho Knew?!

I grew up watching my grandmothers knit then later taught myself with the use of books and picking the minds of friends. I have since taught my daughters how to knit … my way. lol My daughters don’t like holding the yarn they way that I do but in my mind that was how you were supposed to hold it … according to the books and my grandmothers. Patty has made my daughters both very happy when she demonstrated DIFFERENT ways to hold the yarn and they saw their way. Mom definitely does not know best and we have all learned quite a bit in this class. My mind is still reeling on the Eastern vs Western stuff and I will definitely have to watch it again to really understand it. I was grateful to finally have Continental explained in detail … I am a thrower that has always been intrigued with Continental. But wait … move over picking and throwing … Portuguese! I have never heard of it but wow!! Who knew? Love it!! – TCam

5 star copyKnitting theory made fun and easy

I learned about this class while taking a live class with Patti at VKL (Vogue Knitting Live) Chicago. It was what I would call a “theory” class in how to truly understand and use gauge. That class was so insightful and Patti so clear in her explanations that I couldn’t wait to dive into this Craftsy course. Patti’s personality and clarity of explanations make this class a winner!

The class shows you new techniques, styles, and methods of knitting, but it is the “theory” – the understanding of stitch construction that makes you a better, more knowledgable knitter. This is a class every knitter should take. – gracieleigh

5 star copyImprove your knitting by understanding the art of knitting. Patty Lyons demonstrates her mastery in a gentle and fun way.

I taught myself to knit in the late 60s,made 2 sweaters for my then boyfriend & didn’t pick up knitting again till a few weeks ago. I had spent hours watching YouTube and online blogs for techniques. Until I took Patty’s class, I had no idea about “legs” and “yarn orientation” and their importance. I’m not a “class” taking kind-more of a I’ll do it on my own type, but sure wish I hadn’t been so stubborn (and cheap) and had taken Patty’s class sooner. Patty’s Improve Your Knitting class is no ordinary knitting class. She made learning fun, interesting, challenging. Some of the sections I had to watch several times & am glad I can come back to the class over and over, as many times as I need. Instructions are clear and the camera work was just right for me. I liked Patty’s style of teaching, warm & intuitive of a learner’s needs. Each technique she talked about will definitely expand and improve my knitting, most of all my joy of creating for my grandson…This class is superb!! – cassini

Excellent5 star copyThis is knitting 201 and just what I have been looking for!

I am a self-taught combination knitter. I can’t tell you the number of projects t that I have quit in frustration. This is particularly true of projects that dependent on row gauge or that contain twisted stitches. While this class may not have solved all of my problems, it does go a long way to explaining them and presenting possible alternatives.

Patty Lyons is an excellent teacher. The class covers the throwing, picking styles and , Eastern, Western , and Combination knitting methods. The class is styles is present in a clear, well-organized, and consistent manner. She discusses stitch formation for each style and method of knitting. The amount of material in this class is astounding. It will take me months to completely digest and practice all of the material in this class. The section on cast-ons is invaluable. The only thing I wish it covered and doesn’t is lever or cottage knitting.

This class is ideally suited for this format. The close -up shots of Patty Lyons” hands and the 30-second repeat make for opportunities unavailable in a live class.

Even if you like the way you are knitting now and swear you will never change, I recommend that you take this class for the insight into the act of knitting. – acp

5 star copyThis class answers all the questions I have ever had about knitting technique

I’ve been knitting for a long time, but in many respects not happy with my knitting. Patty’s technical understanding of the hows and whys of knitting is the best I’ve ever come across, and she is an excellent teacher. The way she dissects the stitches and explains the differences between the methods and styles and how to combine these to achieve the perfect stitch is exactly what I have been waiting for all these years. – a12catwoman

5 star copySanity for non-mainstream knitters

I’ve always known I was different, and over the years figured out little things here and there. I’m comfortable with my differentness and haven’t had a reason to change.

But to see someone demonstrate how my technique affects stitch formation got me past the problems I’ve had following published patterns that assume a different method. Just the eastern knitting lesson alone answered so many questions. – Feorlen

5 star copyGreat class for experienced knitters

I have been knitting for years (since I taught myself when I was in grade school). I thought “what new is there to learn?” The answer was, Plenty.
I highly recommend to any knitter from novice to the most experienced – TaiShan

5 star copyPatty is a wealth of knowledge.

A lot of people can tell you the hows, Patty explains the why which makes all the difference to new and old knitters alike. She gives you the skills and options to empower knitters to make their own decisions and never settle. – calenia

5 star copyIt just explains it all!!!

It explains the things I thought I knew but didn’t know why. And it opened up a whole new world in knitting for me! I’m sure my knitting results are going to change in a big way. Thanks for this class! – marloesk

Excellent5 star copyExcellent for new and experienced knitters

Understandable knit stitch diagnostics. I’ve increased my depth of knowledge on types of knitting and when to use them. Techniques I will use for many projects. Excellent class. – owler29

5 star copy


I learned so much in this class. Patty is awesome in her explanations and demonstrations. I love that she shows you how and why stitches get created in all the different methods and styles. What and eye opener! I can’t wait to try out the new things I learned. I’ll definitely be watching this class over and over and incorporating these techniques wherever I can. This is the best Craftsy knitting class I’ve taken. – donorato

5 star copy

Excellent! Great Instructions.

Super great class. Thanks – grant3848197