Pre-Register For Harbor Springs Video KAL | Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

I’m busy filming videos and writing tutorials and I thought I’d pause to give my loyal newsletter group a sneak peek AND a special offer.

The Harbor Springs Video KAL will go on sale at the end of July and we will cast on in early Sept.


For all smart knitters who pre-register, you will get 15% off and get emailed my ebooklette on sizing in knitwear

HOW: Click the BUY NOW button below and you’ll pay just $8.50 (15% off the Video Sweater class price of $10).

THEN WHAT: You will get redirected to a page with the link to the ebooklette and a coupon code for 100% off that you’ll use to purchase the KAL when it goes on sale – WRITE DOWN THAT CODE AND DON’T LOSS IT. YOU’LL NEED IT IN JULY!

You will also be asked for a preliminary idea of what size you might make (just a guess, more on this in a moment) and what color. This is a preliminary survey to help WEBS in ordering.


  • PLEASE do not order yarn just yet. WEBS will be our official yarn distributer and the only way I can afford to produce a full video class for the price of a pattern is with a retail partner. That means orders must go through my special link once the pattern goes on sale.
  • The yarn is Berroco Cotolana and we will be getting it at 20 – 25% off!
  • There will be extensive sizing information to help you chose what fit you would like.
  • As always there will be neckline variations and a cool trick for body length variations that does not even need MATH!!

I hope you will join me. Pre registering helps me get a sense of how many people are in and for WEBS to order correctly