Pre Register for Labadee Colorwork Cowl KAL | Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

I’m busy filming videos and writing tutorials and I thought I’d pause to give my loyal newsletter group a sneak peek AND a special offer.

The Labadee Cowl Video KAL will go on sale on Dec 26 and we will cast on Jan 21

It is the perfect pattern for both first time color work and experienced color work knitters! There will be a little something for all.

For all smart knitters who pre-register, you will get 15% off!!!

HOW: Click the BUY NOW button below and you’ll pay just $5.95 (15% off the Video Cowl class price of $7).

 –  Don’t have a pay pal acct? No problem. Just click “Continue” then “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
THEN WHAT: You will get redirected to a page a coupon code for 100% off that you’ll use to purchase the KAL when it goes on sale – WRITE DOWN THAT CODE AND DON’T LOSS IT. YOU’LL NEED IT IN DECEMBER!


  • PLEASE do not order yarn just yet. WEBS will be our official yarn distributer and the only way I can afford to produce a full video class for the price of a pattern is with a retail partner. That means orders must go through my special link once the pattern goes on sale.
  • The yarn will be a 5 color pack and we will be getting it at 20 – 25% off!
  • There will be 8 video how tos with a ton of color work tricks.

I hope you will join me. Pre registering helps me get a sense of how many people are in and for WEBS to order correctly. There are already 12 lucky knitters who are attending the Nautical Knitting Cruise who will get their sneek peak at both the pattern and the techniques.


 –  Don’t have a pay pal acct? No problem. Just click “Continue” then “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”