Blocking Techniques in Knitting


Finish your knitwear with proper blocking techniques! In this webinar, Patty will walk you through all the different ways you can and should block different fibers.

Why spend all that time knitting a garment, only to stop short of making it look great! Blocking is an essential part of finishing your garment off perfectly. Blocking evens out your stitches, sets your size, and in some cases can even mask your mistakes.

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In this webinar we will go over the three main methods of blocking (wet, steam, and spray) and learn how to use all the tools such as blocking boards and wires. We will go over the importance of blocking your swatch and how we make choose our blocking method. We’ll also discuss blocking unusual shapes, special stitch patterns, as well as learn a bit about different fiber properties. Come on, don’t stop short of the perfect finish!


  • Learn how to choose your blocking method.
  • Learn how to wet block, steam block, and spray bottle block.
  • Master proper use of tools such as blocking board, wires, tailors ham, seaming roll, wooly board, and more.
  • Explore how different fibers react differently to blocking methods.
  • Discover how to avoid common blocking mistakes that can ruin your garment.
  • Learn how to block unusual shapes as well as shaped garments.


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