Customizing Sweater Patterns pt 2: Waist Shaping, Magic Formula, and Alterations


Make sweater patterns work for your needs! In part 2 of this course, Patty explores advanced considerations for rewriting patterns for your personal tastes and needs.

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Customizing Sweater Patterns pt 1

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  • How to use body measurements to add waist shaping
  • How to work with the magic formula
  • How to alter sleeve lengths
  • How to change neck shapes

⭐⭐⭐⭐ More Patty Lyons’ instructions, please

Patty Lyons is an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable about knitting. She loves to teach and wants every knitter to succeed. Knitting is more than two sticks and pieces of string, it is an expression of ourselves. With this class, we will be able to take a pattern and turn it around to fit us, with all our marvelous curves. Anything, in any media and format, by this gem of a lady, is well worth your time, effort, and money. – Barbara

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Demystifying Sweater Design

Part II rocks. Now that you understand the schematic, Patty explains how to change a pattern. I don’t get row gauge ever, but now I know how to adapt the instructions to meet my gauge. Waist shaping easy, Want a V neck? More magic formulas lead the way. – Debbie F


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