Improve Your Knitting (Digital DVD Copy) - Patty Lyons | Knitting Teacher

Improve Your Knitting (Digital DVD Copy)

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Make your knitting more efficient, comfortable and beautiful as you master six valuable methods and styles.

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Use the right knitting tool for the right knitting project! Take a trip through the wonderful world of knitting methods and styles alongside certified knitting instructor Patty Lyons.

1. Alternative Methods & Styles – Get started by learning about yarn tension, stitch sizing and how to move the stitches.
2. Introduction to English Knitting (Throwing)
3. Introduction to Continental Knitting (Picking)
4. Eastern & Combination Knitting
5. Portuguese Knitting
6. Knitting & Purling Backwards
7. Combining Styles & Methods
8. Bonus Lesson: Alternative Cast-Ons


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