Unlocking Pattern Secrets


Confused by patterns? Don’t worry! Patty’s here to help! In this webinar, Patty helps to decode and demystify patterns so you can be confident in your knitting.

Knitting patterns can be inspiring, brilliant and confusing.  Patterns are not only written in a special short hand language, but the are written with an assumption of knowledge. This can be frustrating and intimidating to knitters. Does it sometimes seem that there are secrets hiding in the patterns?

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Learn how to unlock all the patterns secrets you’ve been baffled by. We’ll explore not only everything you want to understand before starting the pattern, but how to do all the things that pattern tells you to, but doesn’t tell you how. Never dread phrases like “at the same time”, “reverse shaping” or “shaping staying in pattern” again!!


• Understand what pattern is right for you by exploring different sweater constructions
• Discover how to find the right size to knit
• Learn how to decode the mysteries of the Schematic
• Unlock the hidden measurements that the schematic doesn’t show you
• Understand stitch multiples and balancing stitches
• Master the simple math to increase evenly across the row

Demystify patterns most baffling instructions:
• At the Same Time
• Reverse Shaping
• Reverse Patterning
• Shaping Staying in pattern


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